Pink ribbon 7 days is 1 of biggest drug avoidance consciousness software which is achieving billions of younger hearts every single yr. It was commenced immediately after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration Distinctive Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was murdered  in 1985 by drug deeler even though investigating in Mexico. In honour of ‘Kiki’s sacrifice, persons started out sporting a pink ribbon and started out taking part in anti-medicines events and pledging to dwell drug-no cost life.

With time this crimson ribbon 7 days turned into a range of actions implemented all over the thirty day period of Oct. These routines aim at a demonstration of the relevance of creating the earth a wholesome and drug-free of charge area. It was commenced as a tribute, but now it has turn into a marketing campaign of million people today. Persons stand from bullying, medicine and tobacco use and persuade others to do so. This marketing campaign is trending throughout various platforms these types of as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and many others.

List of Catchy Pink Ribbon 7 days Slogans

The drug is a curse

No drug signifies daily life in comprehensive

The drug kills your soul

Your habit will be problematic for your relatives

You make your loved ones undergo

Your hallucination is struggling from your mother and father

Hallucination tends to make you ignore your ‘parent’s distress

Make mates with textbooks not medicines

The drug is not an activity ‘it’s as worthless as a lifeless human being

Dislike drug

Alcoholic beverages is not at all amazing

‘Don’t give discomfort to your cherished types

Drug in a cage in disguise

The drug doesn’t deliver aid, it captivates

Toxicants are toxic as very simple as that

Battle for a drug-absolutely free local community

Permit the future breath, no medicines, you should

Study to battle your issues medication will not resolve it

Bonded alongside one another with the purple ribbon

Stand agency for a Drug-Free Land 

I’m unreasonably helpful for drugs

I have the capacity to be without having hallucination

iTune out alcohol

My upcoming concern, I’m with no toxicants! 

Weed is not conclusive 

Yoga is Weed for me

Case in point of undesirable deed is Weed

Unfold hugs not medicines

Your drug poisons your spouse and children

To refuse is to obtain the glory

Glory is in refusing

Begin very good deeds by reducing weeds

No mates call without having liquor

Guide to go away Weed

Condition no weed, specific sure to life 

Weed is not a need 

Weed is expensive it charges you your life 

Sing melodies and hold away from Weed 

Weed is destructive for your memory 

Be a first rate deeder, not a weeder 

Weed leads to tension 

You ‘don’t search incredibly hot when smoking the pot

Weed is a terrible thing 

We require you to dodge medications

Good day, Weed is a terrible deed! 

I cherish embraces having said that not drugs! 

Drug Customers ARE LOSERS!

Strengthen your fertility Weed depletes it

Attempt not to have to have a revolting mug? Continue being off the medication 

Established absent from the alcoholic beverages in advance of alcoholic beverages usually takes care of you 

have to have extra cash, give up purchasing hash 

In the party that you smoke weed, you will bring about my heart to drain 

You will hardly ever prevail with medications 

Smoking cigarettes weed is an dreadful deed 

You can’t switch into sportsmen, on the off likelihood that you get drugs 

Just goofy get drugs 

Weed is not an issue solver 

Weed shopper is a loser 

Disapproval of drug, categorical it to all 

Drug consumer is a loser 

Medicine misuse is of no utilization 

1 everyday living – One particular-shot – Avoid Drugs 

Settle on strong decisions.

It can expense you a lifestyle

Mainly because daily life is critical.

Get a everyday living devoid of any drug style

Medicine are hardly ever cool

Medicines will make your mother stay with you.

Clearly show your swag with a rug with a drug.

It will land you in difficulties.

Be drug-totally free, be satisfied

Due to the fact the drug is injurious to the soul

Stand in opposition to Drug land

Be far too good for drugs

Stop spoiling your mental wellness, halt spoiling your physical wellness

Since prescription drugs can value your everyday living

A drug a day retains happiness absent

Give your daily life what it justifies and not drugs

For the reason that your daily life has practically nothing to do with unsafe medications

Be medication free of charge, be pressure no cost

Smoking cigarettes pot will in no way make you hot

Mainly because Weed in no way counts in the fantastic deed

A drug addict is a good friend of no a person

‘It’s challenging to halt but not not possible

‘We’ve obtained superior things to do than medications

Cease abusing your psychological health and fitness with drugs

For the reason that lifetime is a precious reward, enable not this reward taken absent

Regulate your drug habit, prior to it starts off controlling you

There is no old age drug addict, as they die youthful

Halt disturbing your mental peace, halt using prescription drugs

Simply because dope is for dumb

Abolish Weed from existence, welcome peace in existence

Stay away from prescription drugs, remain close to life

End employing coke, or daily life will end up as a joke

Since a healthy brain provides a pleased intellect

Share hugs and not medicine

If you lead you would in no way consider Weed

Destroy on your own with drug or destroy the drugs, the selection is yours

Drugs medication go away, under no circumstances come a different working day

Go for pink, go for everyday living

Be also sensible to begin

If you are addicted to medicine, you are addicted to death

Say no to drug and certainly to life

‘It’s in no way way too late to quit

Weed is under no circumstances a require

Quit being a everyday living loser, cease being a drug consumer

‘It’s substantially superior to read ahead of you commence Weed

The drug is a poison of your desires and ambition

Fly but in no way get higher

For the reason that prescription drugs can stop all your desires

Medication damage so always continue to be warn

Prevent throwing away your lifetime by being wasted

The drug is by no means an response to any query

If you are crazy, then only you will use cocaine

Tune out of drugs, tune into existence

‘Don’t get bigger in medicine, get greater in existence

In no way make it possible for medication to demolish you

The other name of medication is a dying trap

Be a hero and stop making use of heroin

Cease remaining retarded by making use of medicines

Drug abuse is of no use

The drug will drag you down

Renovate drug into good, or it will transform you into bad

A lot more you will use, much more you will drop

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