145+ Best Granola Bar Slogans


A granola bar is a baked type of sweet oat-bar baked in a tray, mostly originating from the Excellent Britain wherever it is termed as a “flapjack”. The expression “Granola Bar” is of American English origin. It is largely produced of oats, nuts (of various forms depending upon the maker and eater), honey or molasses, dry fruits, butter and sugar (white or brown). There are a variety of variants of granola bar dependent upon the ingredients. Some decide on to place other forms of cereals and berries in granola bars. Some even incorporate chocolates, specially in the variety of chocolate chips.

Granola bars are low cost and simple to make and are commonly readily available in the course of United states and also in many European international locations. It is a preferred snack that offers immediate energy and nourishment because of to its large carbohydrate, fats and protein articles. It has turn out to be considerably of a staple to health conscious people across the entire world.

List of Catchy Granola Bar Slogans:

Consume clever, eat low-priced. Take in nutritious.

A whole food for a greenback.

The only bars you want in everyday living.

A lighter, much healthier and tastier way to dwell.

Assist your brain’s procedures with this non-processed foods..

Be smart, take in granola bars!

The clever way in the direction of health.

A wise bar for that good brain.

A granola bar that packs a hit!

A mind food stuff for that stomach.

Give your mind that extra enhance.

Eat a granola bar, truly feel like a star!

Preferences fantastic, feels terrific!

Relish the flavor of greatness.

Anything your brain and belly agree on.

Food items for thought, foods for well being.

Think balanced, consume balanced, enjoy granola bars.

The best detail that your overall body can get.

Your entire body wants it. Give it to it.

For the athlete inside of you.

Tasty grains for wholesome brains.

Wellbeing in each and every bite.

Bounce begin that exercise program with a granola bar!

The purely natural dose of superior health and fitness.

Snack intelligently and diligently.

Be excellent, snack brilliantly.

Say of course to granola bars every day!

Choose your overall health to another amount.

Overall health is prosperity. Granola bars are the currency.

Snacks are not nutritious? Consider again!

The bar that raises all the bars of healthful consuming.

Snack away to your great shape.

Healthful diet from deliciously packed total grains.

Sweet and crisp delight.

The most affordable way to health.

Seize a granola whenever you are hungry.

Taste the richness and deliciousness.

Restores your well being like magic!

Balanced dwelling starts with granola snacking.

Your body’s individual overall health specialist.

All the goodness of nature, just for a greenback.

Nature’s marvel bar!

The natural resolution to healthful eating.

Whole grain goodness for your entire mind wellbeing.

Appetite gone, superior mood on!

The goodness of all necessary nutrition in a single bar.

A clever way to consume wholesome.

The healthy way is the granola way.

The bar with no any side-results.

A bar to fulfill your starvation.

This bar is non-alcoholic and sure-nutrientholic.

The very best snack for that late-night time starvation.

No just one can halt you from grabbing a granola bar.

Ditch the Coca-Cola for a pack of granola!

The superior meals for a much healthier you to continue to keep you in the best form.

Even doctors munch on these!

Practically nothing to do significantly? Get granola bars for a munch!

The excellent mix of taste and health in 1 wrapper.

Even moms will not halt their children from a granola bar!

Health and fitness in each bite.

The perfect snack for that health club human body!

Your entire body warrants this reward.

You oat to test this!

Detest oats? Granola bars will change your head!

A packet of granola bars is improved than a vacation to the bar!

A bar of cereals and grains intended for your gains.

The most economical, all purely natural granola bars.

No additives, only including to your well being.

The greatest ingredients for nourishment.

Your overall health bar will only go up!

Do not bar on your own from our granola bar!

Nourish just about every ounce of your human body.

Your muscular tissues will like it.

A chunk of fantastic ol’ nourishment from the very good ol’ granola bar.

Seize a granola, neglect the Coca-Cola.

The bar that will by no means make you ill.

Granola bars have in no way been so inexpensive.

Balanced snacking is everyone’s appropriate.

You have earned this bite of goodness. 

Standard granola bars for the traditional physical fitness regime.

The good outdated American granola bar is again!

A new-age granola bar for the contemporary you.

Homemade granola bars at very affordable rates.

Flavor the crunchy goodness.

A chunk a working day can help preserve exhaustion away.

For winners only.

The snack of champions.

E for workout. F for Health. G for Granola bars.

Ruin all your health and fitness problems with granola bars!

Give your muscle groups a healthy improve.

Question for granola bars and get our bars!

Even coaches advocate for athletes.

Can make you as sturdy a lion.

The goodness that no one can say no to.

Your snack situations have not tasted so fantastic until now.

The flavor will make you hungry for a lot more.

Freshly produced granola bar, men and women drop in from considerably!

Nuttin’ preferences improved.

The excellent mix of cereals, dry fruits and berries.

All the vitamins you need in 1 chunk.

Carbs, proteins and vitamins, will retain you coming.

Excellent value. Good nourishment. Excellent style.

The assure of fantastic wellbeing.

Dream of good wellness, desire of granola bars.

Your aspiration of the ideal granola bar has arrive real.

Young and previous, granola bar followers!

We like, you like, absolutely everyone likes: granola bars!

Go gaga for granola bars!

You will want to gorge on our granola bars.

The joy of a wholesome head start out to a healthful day.

Folks tatsed. People today authorised.

Even nutritionists are hooked!

Dieticians on a diet, are on a granola bar diet program.

Granola bars have all the practical protein you need to have, with sweetness.

Sweet in your mouth, wholesome in your entire body.

Electrical power never ever tasted so god!

It is berry berry scrumptious!

Serious nourishment with a wholesome taste.

Helpful. Tasty. Fulfilling

Helps to handle your eating plan far too!

A couple of granola bars a day are all you need to have!

You are unable to just eat a person.

Eat a person and you are unable to permit them go!

Easy. Sweet. Satiating.

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