Mexico is a major producer of textiles. With its marketplace based mostly on aggressive labor prices and the geographic proximity it has to the United States, NAFTA agreements make it possible to capitalize on both of those sectors to develop a greatest-prospect section for yarn, cloth, and equipment produced by American exporters.

sixty three% of the Mexican apparel sector is concentrated in the northeastern and central portions of the place. This location includes the spots of Mexico Town, Puebla, and a majority of the border states of the U.S., symbolizing a whole of 1.3% of the GDP. In 2017, the American textile sector exports to Mexico arrived at $five.ninety nine billion. The imports then totaled $two.5 billion in the identical calendar year.

The Mexico attire industry has benefited in latest many years with a reduction of tariffs on its imports from the United States. With new initiatives to improve corporations that are lively, merged with a drive to implement existing tax rules, the many positive aspects that this nation has makes it the leading export market for the U.S. in specialty industrial fabrics due to the fact 2008.

The complete value of the Mexico clothing market in 2018 was roughly $22.08 billion. That was an eight.4% raise above the 12 months ahead of.

Vital Mexico Attire Industry Statistics

#1. In 2016, exports to Mexico for American specialty and industrial fabrics accounted for 50% of the total for the U.S., representing a increase from the yr right before. (U.S Division of Commerce)

#two. The greatest current market for American professional medical textiles is Mexico, accounting for 27% of the domestic sector in the Mexican attire industry. (U.S Office of Commerce)

Mexico Apparel Industry Statistics by Market Share of Sears, Coppel and Zara

#3. 78% of the people who shop with the Mexico clothing marketplace say that they want temperature management characteristics in the goods that they opt for. That’s the exact same proportion who would like to have wrinkle resistance and effortless-care capabilities included into their clothes. (World wide Life style Observe)

#4. 76% of customers say that they are probable to seek out out odor command or resistance features in their clothing in the following calendar year. (Global Way of living Check)

#five. 75% of individuals who shop with the Mexico clothing sector say that stain resistance is just one of the most essential options in their apparel. 74% want to see a lot more moisture management features included into every single product, even though 70% want UV protection. (International Life style Watch)

#six. fifty one% of customers in Mexico say that they are probable to acquire garments that allows them to minimize worry. forty seven% say that they would obtain one thing which characteristics hydration checking. forty four% say that clothing which would keep track of their coronary heart price would be appealing to them. (Global Life-style Keep an eye on)

#7. 94% of customers in Mexico say that environmental issues influence their day-to-day life in some way, which is why they shop for particular apparel products. Only 75% of people in the United States agree with that sentiment. (Cotton Integrated)

#eight. 78% of individuals who work with the Mexico apparel market say that they make an energetic effort to recycle their textiles or apparel. (Cotton Incorporated)

#nine. Two out of a few customers say that they acquire garments which is produced from sustainable or all-natural resources over synthetics when they have the solution. (Cotton Incorporated)

#ten. sixty nine% of individuals say that the influence of sustainability on apparel purchases issues to their over-all determination-creating method. Only 46% of individuals in the United States agree with that statement, even though sixty one% of the worldwide inhabitants would agree. (Cotton Integrated)

Mexico Apparel Industry Statistics by Market Size of Womens, Mens, Boys and Girls

#eleven. The typical buyer in Mexico will invest approximately $166 on clothing goods about the training course of the year. That determine is up seven% from the 12 months in advance of. (Statista)

#twelve. The premier market phase for the Mexican clothing business is for girls and women’s attire, representing a whole of $seven.7 billion in 2018. (Statista)

#thirteen. Somewhere around 415,000 workers receive direct work opportunities by means of the Mexico attire business each individual 12 months. About 22,000 attire providers ended up energetic in the state in 2013. (NovaLink)

#14. The textile and clothing marketplace in Mexico accounts for approximately 6% of the country’s GDP just about every calendar year. It also gives about twenty% of all of the production employment opportunities that are available in Mexico. (NovaLink)

#15. sixty three% of the exports that Mexico sends out every single 12 months involve the textile and apparel field. This figure dropped in full price by five.1% in 2015, but it was nevertheless worthy of approximately $6.5 billion. (Textile Outlook Worldwide)

#16. In excess of 87% of the clothing and textiles that Mexico exports each individual yr is destined to access the United States. This figure has remained dependable given that 2012. Canada is the following major importer of Mexican attire, accounting for one.nine% of the in general price. (Textile Outlook Global)

#17. Various item groups have seasoned steep drops in need considering the fact that 2015, with cotton hosiery down by in excess of 57%. Mens’ and boys’ wool suits are down by around 36%, when artificial fiber underwear experienced a 29% lessen. Woven shirts for men and boys ended up down 28% as very well. (Textile Outlook International)

#eighteen. There are presently 73 goods and seven textiles that experienced a lessen import responsibility level under the Most Favored Nation standing that went into effect on January 2019. (Textile Outlook Global)

Mexico Apparel E-Commerce Industry Statistics

Mexico Apparel Field Trends and Assessment

The Mexico clothing field is predicted to continue on rising at a 7.5% clip through at minimum the calendar year 2021. Relying on how financial conditions pan out with the United States beneath the reformatted NAFTA deal, this determine could be substantially increased through 2026 as additional trade alternatives manifest for the country.

There is also a major chance to take into consideration for this field. Whilst compensation prices in Southeast Asia are soaring, the bare minimum wage presented in Bangladesh and India is much lower than what Mexican staff make for similar do the job. As the domestic industry continues to improve, international chances for exports could shrink as pricing usually takes Mexico out of the world wide industry.

Niche current market segments will continue on to prosper in Mexico as they do in the United States as the value of products continues to increase. Count on the field to carry on benefiting from a favorable trade amount with the U.S. greenback, but with most of the affect taking place with their northern border than any other trade lover.

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