So you want to be successful with Twitter eh? Take a seat and assemble yourself before escaping and chasing the dazzling butterflies and little blue birds. Then read the subsequent recommendations on creating a potential Twitter marketing strategy that will help you become more productive and successful using Twitter for business.

First things first. Who are you trying to connect with?

  1. Describe your audience on Twitter. If you are not an active participant on Twitter, do research. Do the homework and write it down, including the Twitter handles of the actual target users. If you’re ready to develop a personality that represents your customers who typically spend time on Twitter or social media sites, that’s even better.

The first step in scoring is knowing everything about the goal.

  1. What are the expected results from the participation of Twitter? Besides having the ability to be mentioned, of course you have 50,000 followers. Incidentally, the people we use with Twitter accounts and who have significant numbers of followers don’t always end up in the most important retweets and ss3svc64.exe on startup.

    This is often important in sports for fans/friends/followers. It’s not what percentage of connections you have, it’s who you’re connected to, it determines the spread of tweets, spread of links, traffic, etc.

It is important to understand how success is being measured by Twitter. If it’s just follower counts, maybe they can be bought. (which TopRankMarketing does not recommend) However, it can be a fake network with no effect.

Where does Twitter fit in?

  1. Where does Twitter fit into your overall online marketing strategy? Is Twitter meant to be a customer service tool? Brand Monitoring? Monitoring for sales opportunities? Promoting other corporate social activities? (ie blogging, facebook, youtube, etc) Does it support any other communication functions?

As a communication and social networking tool, Twitter can connect with customers, prospects, journalists, employees, candidates, investors and marketing partners. Understanding where Twitter fits into the general mix of online marketing and communication: monitoring and engagement will help with allocating resources, establishing a working social media policy, workflow management and reporting.

You’ll find a variety of synergies available through Twitter, such as connecting with journalists and bloggers for PR purposes, but also encouraging the use of corporate citation links to help with SEO efforts.

Twitter can be a tool and can only be as useful as the strategy you use.

  1. A strong understanding of the primary three steps really needs to be addressed before a useful strategy can be implemented. If you specialize in Twitter popularity strategy without addressing one idea to reach other goals (hopefully being popular isn’t the only goal) then investing in time and energy becomes like guesswork.

First and foremost, a Twitter page must be designed and optimized for strategy. If a business is expected to be considered important, the Twitter page should be avoided to appear unimportant. Tweets should be varied, yet follow a theme that is in line with the messaging and audience goals. Giving customers kudos and tips is great, but just not getting enough followers to attract them fast.

There are a few strategies with Twitter that are almost always an honest thought, no matter the audience, goals, and overall plan:

Research and follow Twitter users, with an individual or target profile in mind. Associate the Twitter account with something else social, such as a YouTube channel, Facebook fan page and/or blog.

Try to link to at least one high quality and creatively written resource every day. Morning is the best. Brand these with a hashtag like #yourbrandtips, where “yourbrand” is your company’s brand that this Twitter account is focused on. It can be a behavior or even an action. Example: #nicetips or #runningtips.

Schedule a monthly, fortnightly or weekly #yourbrandtips Twitter event. This can be run like a #blogchat, where a real person in your company conducts a talk on Twitter about topics related to your offering and useful to you about what you are trying to succeed at is. Ideally influencers will be involved so that their tweets attract new followers to their brand’s Twitter account.

The company should really post their Twitter handle everywhere their Internet site address is posted.
Learn how to ask followers questions, then use those answers in blog posts that are promoted through a business Twitter account.

Create a Twitter list of a segment of the audience. A list for each section. Then submitting the followers to a “segment one” list or a “segment two” list for individual recommendations. Example: “Librarian” or “Network Administrator”. Mention that anyone retweeting the link to the list– provided they belong. Lists must be relevant and managed to be of any use. Promote lists with

Use #FollowFridays or #FF to acknowledge folks that retweet the brand’s Twitter content the foremost. Also mention influential Twitter accounts that you simply have had some reference to. they could retweet the #FF and expose the brand Twitter account to new audiences.

keep reading:

Measure twice, Tweet once.

  1. Measurement with Twitter are often tricky like identifying referrers via various URL shortening services, but it’s the foremost important. By “measurement”, I also mean monitoring on an ongoing basis, not just counting results or KPIs. Followers is simply one dimension. supported what the brand is trying to realize , a mixture of knowledge points and measurement tools should be implemented. Some example metrics:
  • Tweets published
    Retweets & potential reach from those retweets
    New targeted Twitter users that are followed by the brand’s Twitter account
    New followers of the brand’s Twitter account acquired
    Direct traffic from Twitter to brand’s sites . URL shortening services should be used like
    Mentions of the brand in Tweets without links
    How many lists the brand Twitter account is included in
    What new Twitter users has the brand’s Twitter account added to it’s own organized lists?


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