Being a webmaster, there are a lot of things that demand your attention. You are responsible for how your website looks, how the site works, and how relevant the site remains in a ferociously competitive online market. And if you have more than one website under your purview, good luck to you. Here are five things every webmaster has to maintain as part of their duties.

Update Your Website

In the virtual world, everything can change in a matter of moments, and today’s champion is tomorrow’s old news. Keeping your content fresh and relevant can bring visitors and entice new traffic. An evolving and developing website can better meet the changing needs of your target audience than a static, standard website that will be out of date in a few weeks. Lastly, judicious updates of your website will keep it fresh and active in search engine result pages, and not condemned to a distant ranking.

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Bandwidth Usage

Every webmaster dreams of traffic that’s off the charts, but sometimes there really is too much of a good thing. Keep an eye on the bandwidth allocation given to you by your ISP. If your website traffic exceeds those limits, the site will go offline, and disenchanted users will simply navigate to another web site and forget about yours. Don’t buy additional bandwidth after the horse has bolted: use free services like YouTube and Imgur to host media content and lessen the load on your site.


As awesome as the Internet is, things happen and data gets lost. A good webmaster will always, always ensure that his or her data, programming and codes are safely secured and backed up in the event of something inevitably failing. Multiple copies, across different media might just be the only way to bring a website back up if (and when) something goes down.


It goes without saying, so it needs to be said: the Internet can be a very dangerous tool in the hands of the wrong people. A hacker can do more than just bring down your site – he or she can sneak in through your backend and change a line of coding, so that revenue from site clicks goes to them, instead of you. As a webmaster, you will have to constantly check your site stats (unusually low traffic? Unusually high traffic?), your uploaded files (anything you don’t recognize?), and vital parts of your website code.

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These days, running a website is more about business than it ever was. If your intention is to make money from your site, then you will need clear records to show how profitable your piece of cyberspace is. Whether it’s for tax reporting purposes, switching ISPs, aligning with a larger web entity, having a paper trail of your earnings will prove your worth in the world of webmasters.


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