If Content is the King then SEO is the Queen.  SEO could not have any value without Quality Contents. That’s why every webmaster and blogger opt for some SEO Techniques and tools to optimize their site for better SERPs ranking but if you are a newbie then it might be possible you may opt for any wrong strategy.

If you did so, then your content alone can’t be do anything wonderful for you. There are many SEO strategies, some likes Black Hat which gives quick results while some other likes White Hat Tactics which resist for a long time.  Here are many Myths about SEO Tools and Techniques, here are the 6 most popular SEO Myths with the reasons why they have no value in the real SEO world.

6 Most Popular SEO Myths

 1. All Search Engines uses same Parameters

This is the most common Myth among newbies, they think if they optimize their site for Google it will be optimized for others by itself. Though two leading Search Engine i.e. Google and Bing, both uses over 200 factors no one here can surely say that they both are using the same parameters or not? In fact, they don’t. Both have their own ranking parameters that depend upon different factors. This can be easily noticed by this.

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Use any On-Page SEO tactic to achieve a high rank on Google, it’s possible you will be under top 10 on Google but on bing or yahoo you may be not under top 50. Remember the SEO Tactics you use to achieve a high rank on Google SERPs may not get you the same higher rank on other search engines cause of parameter differences.

This means not that you need to use different SEO techniques to satisfy each and every search engine separately. But you can opt for any middle solution which you will get from your own experience about your site and its initial performance.

6 Most Popular SEO Myths
6 Most Popular SEO Myths

2. Meta Keyword Tags Still Works

Last Year Google has clearly stated that they are no longer giving any importance to Meta Keywords, bing also doing the same while yahoo stated they are still following but this not seems to be true now. Search Engines no longer giving any importance to any Meta Keywords so don’t think you will get higher ranks on SERP cause you are using the Keyword on your Meta Tags.

The Developer of Most #2 Most Popular SEO Plugin Joost de Valk also has been made this clear, None of the Search Engines are following Meta Keywords. So it doesn’t have any mean keyword or keyword phrase you are using in your Meta Keyword. In short, they are no longer useful.

3. Higher Keyword Density returns Huge Traffic

This used to be true but to a certain degree. I have seen many scammers who were using very high Keyword density in their articles up to 30%, In the first month they get high traffic but in the second month, they loosed everything. Search Engines (Google) penalized their website for Keyword Stuffing or Keyword Spamming.

So that if you are getting an unexpected amount of traffic in very little time don’t be too glad there could be a faulty tactic behind this, you should keep focusing on every SEO factor.

I will advise you to use several keywords and Keyword Phrase instead of a single to get a Higher SEO ranking for a long time, this will also increase the appearance of your site on Search Results.

4. One Time SEO Optimization is Quiet Enough

This arguably the worst SEO Myth I ever heard. As I have been mentioned this many times that Search Engines specially Google changes their algorithm from time to time, in fact, up to 500 times in a single year, you can understand this easily that old tactics won’t work with the new algorithm then how can you do rest on one time SEO optimization.

You need to keep updating those all with the changes in algorithms. This is also important to keep maintaining your regular traffic, also for driving constant flow rate of traffic.

5. High PR means Huge Traffic

PR or Page Rank is a Googles phenomena to rank web pages on a scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of their trustworthiness. It basically comes from backlinks, if your site has quite enough backlinks from quality sites then Google will rank your web page on the basis of the amount and quality of backlinks.

This is a fact that if your site has Higher PR you will be getting more traffic cause of higher ranks on SERPs but this means not that you will always get higher traffic in comparison with sites having lower Page Rank.

I have seen many Low PR sites which are receiving more traffic than High PR sites for the same Keywords. Remember Google Guys also knows that Backlinks can be purchased, So you can not just boost your Traffic cause of High PR, Most of the time Quality is bigger than quantity.

6. Always Target Single Keyword per Article

I have mentioned this already with Point 3, Instead of targeting a single keyword per page, target several. If you are using a single keyword on all, your Page Title, Heading 1 Tag, H2 Tags, and also on H3 Tags, the search engine will gently flag your article for spamming, and will treat this behavior as keyword Stuffing.

So instead of using the same keyword on each Heading Tags and Title use similar or use Keyword Phrase. This will make a balance between your Article and Targeted Keywords and also help you keeping keyword density under safe range.

Always employ those SEO Techniques and Tools which comply with Search Engine TOC doing the same will keep you assure, and will keep driving a good amount of traffic for a longer time.



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