For those conducting online business and marketing, analytics software is recognized as an invaluable tool. This is why the use of analytics software has been a mainstay in online business for years. However, both the type of software available and the analytics needs of businesses have been evolving steadily over the years and what may have been an excellent software choice five or more years ago may be out of date now.

This is why it is important for companies to look at the different options available to them and to consider upgrading their analytics software from time to time. Though the task may seem daunting, business owners that look at the following 6 things will be able to proactively and confidently determine if an analytics software upgrade is the right option for the business and what software is best suited for their unique business needs.

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Does new analytics software have useful features that older software doesn’t offer?

No two analytics software options are identical and just because a piece of software is older, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not still useful. If the software is updated frequently, chances are that it may have features comparable to newer software on the market. Business owners should look at what the program offers and then determine if there are features that they need that the software doesn’t support.

How is easy is the software to use?

Adopting new analytics software will inevitably require employees and business owners to learn how to use that software. When comparing providers it is important to look at how easy the program is to use and how long it will take to train people to use the software efficiently. The more difficult a piece of software is to adopt, the more it will cost the company in time and training expenses.

How much will using the software cost your business?

Business owners should be sure to look at the type of payment model associated with any software they are considering. Different payment models include lump sum payments, annual upgrade or subscription fees and monthly subscription fees. Analyzing the costs associate with using the software will all business owners to do a cost-benefit analysis when they are comparing providers.

Will the software be able to accommodate business growth?

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Due to the fast pace of the business world, it is unwise to assume that small businesses will always be small. For this reason, any analytics software used for the purposes of the business should be easily scaled or upgraded if the company sees sudden growth in employees or client base. By selecting software that can grow with the company, business owners are able to ensure that they won’t have to go through upgrading again in the event of business growth.

How detailed is the visualization that the software offers?

Visualization of analytics is incredibly useful because it makes it much easier to interpret the data derived from analytics software. This is not only useful for people using the software regularly, but also for conveying analytics data to employees that don’t use the software and people outside the company such as potential investors.

What kind of pre made models does the software provide?

Though most software offers an option for users to create their own models, doing so takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the business owner. For that reason, business owners comparing providers should look at the types of pre made models that come with the software and give preference to software that offers models that are best suited to current business needs and specifications.


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