Everyone who has seen an episode of cartoon Pokémon series must know Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. The series covers the story of how Ash conquers his quest of becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world, like no one ever was. Most of us have seen many episodes of the series as Ash, Pikachu and his trusty friends have traveled the world seeking out new adventures, exploring Pokéchallenges, collecting badges to become the best.

But, does anyone remember Team Rocket? Who used to blast off with the speed of light into the sky at the end of every episode as their plan of capturing a Pokémon failed!
Here are a few things that we as entrepreneurs can learn from Team Rocket and enhance our journey to success…

1. Never Give Up

Stay strong, it’s that simple. At the end of almost every episode, team rocket used to get a blasting sky tour but in the very next episode, they were back with new plans. An entrepreneur’s life is full of struggle, it always has been the way to success. Keep up the good work and it’ll pay off someday.

7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket
7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket

2. Never Leave your Team Behind

Jesse, James, and Meowth through fail every time and face the hardship almost in every episode, they never leave each other alone, in turn, face everything together. That’s the spirit that must be a part of an entrepreneur’s character, you must be a team player and if not, be a team well-wisher because your team is your strength.

3. Believe in your Plan

Ever realized while watching the series, ‘How can someone do this?’ … But coming back to the agenda, team rocket does it, whether foolish or cool, they put in all the hard work they got in their plan and BELIEVE that they’ll achieve their goal through their plan.

7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket
7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket

4. Failure doesn’t demolish your Dreams

The one thing that I admire the most from team Rocket is that the spirit they possess and how passionate they are for their goals. They fail at the end of each episode, but they come back with an even greater amount of spirit the next time they show up. That’s something we miss nowadays if a plan doesn’t work, make a NEW plan. You set a goal for yourself, which is something you are willing to achieve, bring it to REALITY because you CAN.

5. There’s a way out of EVERYTHING

Team Rocket, though they fail at the end, they make up a perfect plan each time they try to steal the Pokémon. If plan execution is not hindered or if there’s no interruption from Ash and his team, Team Rocket may succeed in every episode. So, a lesson to learn as an entrepreneur is that execution matters while you are developing a plan but the plan also has to be the one that covers every aspect of your business idea/goal.

7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket
7 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Team Rocket

6. Never Lose Hope

Motivation is something that comes along when we have some hope on what can be done in the situation. In the Pokémon series, Team Rocket is always enthusiastic about their goals, motivation is something that they draw almost every time and bring up the best, even in worst situations. A great lesson is learned by an entrepreneur when situations go harsh, to stay motivated about his/her goals, a person must be focused and must never lose hope!

7. Never forget your ‘Motto’

A motto is something that defines your brand, your ‘identity’. An entrepreneur spends most of the time dealing with affairs in their company as well as in their social life and tends to get distracted from the vision they are working on, so, don’t forget the motto of your brand, because it showcases you as well as on what you are working on.

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