About us

Want to take a break from a regular 9 to 5 job and design your corporate world? But not so confident about your decision and trying to figure out the first step?

Here is the music to your ears, your search ends here!

We welcome you to the world of entrepreneurs and online business. We work with you and help you with the best marketing advice to stay confident about your idea and keep moving for success.

The old ways of earning money used to be the path of hard work only which is indeed important. But in the modern concept, it is more about to acquire smart ways to effectively earn money.

This blog is a knowledge hub for all the creative entrepreneurs working on a small scale for now. We aim for growth in your business ideas and hence provide the detailed insights and measures to take care of in the journey of expanding your business.

You must have heard about acquiring the websites and blog etc to start with but is still not the full story of gaining success. Designing the website and a blog is a task that brings a lot of marketing tactics to stand out in the competition.

Difficult roads lead to a beautiful destination and so Deathontwowheels become a wheel for you by helping you balancing and empowering with all the knowledge that you require to sustain. This blog is all about the latest methodologies for your return of investment in the business. It brings light on effective ways of marketing through social media and brings ideas in your world to showcase the business through the right names, slogans, logos, etc.

We are brand builders for the small business and ensure to bring the right experiences handy for the effective learning and implementation. We ensure proper research and deep analyzation on the latest ways before calling it to your attention

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