Alive, Aww, and Bad: Just be safe That’s all im asking from you Im not safe when im alive Why is that None of business my life and i can do whatever i want fuck off blocking ya bai Okay.. i dont want somebody to care for me. Well you didn’t had to be rude like that I am rude everyone now dont like it then fuck off Ama block licaksan blockla Okay if you want block me Tamam bye Okay bye I wont block im just not in the mood now listen to total dick to me stop beign a What the hell? You said you wanted to block me Besides that i was trying to help you i dont need ur help if u wanna help me that ba bad find me and kill me. u would help alot. No i wont do such a thing Stop being a emo kid I am not an emo kid u son of a cunt you lit come into my dms and tell me u care about me i get sexually harassed in the fucking bus just 2 days ago and u expect me to be “aww u cute i care for u to” HELL NO! We met on discord you idiot and yea We know eachother having a fucked up mental healt is beign an amo. no we dknt. dont. And i didn’t call you cute at all I’m done talking with you i am done too. go fuck urself. u have no idea what its like to have broken mind Girl on instagram making a story about her self-harm so I go to her dms to check she is okay … I regret it.