Apparently, At-At, and Bad: Here is a rollercoaster ride for you to read. Last week I went out of town on a driving adventure, I was gone for 6ish days and saw a bunch of national parks. My farthest east point was Niagara Falls. My basic path was almost straight their and then around the Great Lakes on the way back. One of the better experiences I have had recently. I came back to a decent week at work and a bunch of Chaos. Woke up Wednesday to find I could hear a beeping like the trash truck but from the wrong side of the house. Wondering what that could of been going on at at 7am and I went to investigate only to find that my new Jeep was halfway up on a tow-truck. I had parked on the road that day because I was drying out my tent in my garage. Of course I wanted to know what was going on. Turns out that the owner who sold it to the dealer I had purchased it from, had a lean out on it and never paid it off or told the dealer. (don’t ask me how that chain of events worked, I am still not sure) Apparently the bill just went to collections and no one told anyone that the car was mine now. I was able to talk the tow-truck driver out of taking my car by producing my new title, and saying I would call the cops. Breathing deep I let it go, and tried to have a good day. As I was talking to a friend of mine Thursday, I found out that their cats went missing. Getting me to worry a about that person and their cat. They have been a pretty good friend to me lately (despite that I suck at texting or messaging on a regular) and I know they have been goin thru some stress unrelated to this. Of course this sticks to the back of my brain, in a “how can I help” kind of way, but also in a “I hope that my friend is doing okay.” I have grown to care a great deal about this person over the last few years and I hate to see my friends in distress, as we all do. [If you read this my friend, I am still thinking about it. Let me know if I can help.] Continuing the ups and downs. I was at the movies yesterday evening (don’t worries, no spoilers) and had my large bowl of popcorn and a soda. About half way threw the movie I noticed that the large, young, boy sitting to my right had reached into my popcorn container and took a big handful and put it on the nacho plate he was using. A bit upset by a stranger taking my popcorn, I ignored it at first and moved the popcorn to the other side. Few mins later I was so engrossed in the movie I had reach into the bucked to find that my popcorn is now wet (and not with nacho cheese, like you might expect… and it wasn’t butter, I don’t use butter on my popcorn), so l put it on the floor under my chair… So ten mins later he reaches under me and grabs the popcorn; I give him a “WTF” look and say “excuse me, this is my popcorn;” He didn’t say anything back. Instead of starting some shit I walked out of the screening leaving he bucket with him. Talked to a employee about the problem. When the employee went back into the screening room the large man was no-longer in his place and I didn’t see him. Figuring the problem solved I happily went back to the movie. Little did I know, I upset a *insert your bad word of choice* As the movie ended and I wasn’t paying attending to who was around me, the credits pulled up and the man; who was a few rOws up apparently; came by and dumped a near full soda over my head and ran. So I breath deep, do what I can in the bathroom and leave. So I arrive home around midnight and found that one of my roommates had let Mordecai out of the house (he is a indoor cat). Immediately causing me to flip out. I start calling his name for about 10 mins outside, and thank whatever power was listening, he just walked over to me from wherever he was laying, watching me look for him, and did his “give me food, human” meow.. So I breath deep and feed the monster black cat. Took a shower and went to bed More ups and downs.. My chronic insomnia kept me up, or perhaps a adrenaline. I guess that was a bit of good luck. Another friend of mine really need a chat about the things stressing them out and I was able to help. Or at least listen. [Assuming they read this sorry your work environment sucks.] I slept in late and woke up from a nightmare about the events of the last couple of years (not uncommon). When I went downstairs to shake it off, I found all my fish except one is dead. I checked PH, nitrites, hardness and carbonate yesterday and they were fine… Not so good any more on account of the dead fish.. I went in my living room and found that Mordecai had killed two of my plants by pulling them down and dragging them all about the first floor. I guess the call of the wild is strong. Breath deep and move along today. Heading to another doctors appointment today (I hope they can get this figured out). Then I work tonight and all weekend (as usual in the summer). I am really looking forward to GoT, I know the cinematic battle that we expect might be long, but I am looking forward to the dragon/white- walker/royal house fun.. Pictured below is a few good things that have happened recently. Found on the ole FB. The stranger in the theater was none other than Einstein himself.


sorry your perform environment
I slept in late and woke up from a nightmare about the gatherings of the final
pair of years (not unheard of). When I went downstairs to shake it off, I
located all my fish except one particular is useless. I checked PH, nitrites, hardness and
carbonate yesterday and they have been fantastic… Not so fantastic any more on account
of the useless fish.. I went in my residing place and found that Mordecai had
killed two of my plants by pulling them down and dragging them all about
the 1st floor. I guess the connect with of the wild is strong. Breath deep and shift
along now. Heading to another medical doctors appointment these days (I hope they
can get this figured out). Then I work tonight and all weekend (as regular in
the summer time). I am truly wanting ahead to Got, I know the cinematic battle
that we anticipate may be lengthy, but I am looking forward to the dragon/white-
walker/royal house entertaining.. Pictured under is a couple very good matters that have
happened recently.
Observed on the ole FB. The stranger in the theater was none other than Einstein himself.” />