You might already know how the culture was built and how they were dominated by Mexicans but they are indigenous people of Mexico. Hence, you can say that these names are derived from the language of the Aztec people. In fact, you might have heard about Nahual names well, they are similar and you can call it anyway!

Some people are quite impressed by their culture and their religion as well so they are more likely to name their children after this. You already know how important it is to name your children with something good that will bring happiness in their life and everyone around them should also be convinced by their name.

Hence, the importance is already known by you and now you should choose something that would be loved by everyone so you might think of a playful way to choose the name along with your family. Let’s discuss some of the names that will woo your mind especially with their meanings.

Cool Aztec Names And Their Meanings:

We have some of the cool names so that you can find out some and choose one for your baby. However, people have been searching for cool names that will attract you and their meanings are simply sooooooo good!

Amoxil: It means books.
Ahuic: Name of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers.
Atlacoya: Name of the goddess of the drought.
Apozanolotl: Name of the goddess of purity.
At: A short and cute name that is inspired by one of the greatest marvels of the universe, Rain.
Melatonin: Name of the mother-goddess and it will show an image of a powerful girl.
Chantico: Name that means “she who dwells in the house”.
Chimalma: Name that means shield-bearer and this will symbolize safety for your girl.
Chihuahua: This name means clean as well as purity.
Necahual: A powerful name that would suit your daughter perfectly.
Tonantzin: Name of mother earth and mother goddess as well.

Hence, these are the meanings that you might find very much convincing and you might want to name your child with any of these. You do not need to take permission or something rather we would love to hear from you and which name you have chosen.

Aztec Girl Names:

Are you finding the right name for your baby girl? Well, a lot of new mothers are looking for that one perfect name that will woo their minds. And we have shortlisted a few that will match perfectly! We try to value not only the names but the value also so you won’t have to worry about that part. The names will be perfect and your child will also love them after a certain age. Let’s check them out.

Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Ahuic AmoxtliXihuitlXocohTepin
Anacaona ApozanolotlMecatlCentehuaCitlalli
Atlacamani AtlacoyaSacniteZeltzinIhuicatl
Atlatonin AtziSacniteCitlalminaTeuicui
Ayauhteotl ChalchihuitlcueChalchiuitlXitlalliXochicotzin
Chantico ChicomecoatlTlanextiaTlacaepopocaToltecali
Chiconahui ChimalmaTlazohttecolMahuipopocaNamahua
Chipahua CihuatonTecoatlEtalcaliNecahui
Coyolxauhqui CuicatlYaolxochitlCuetzpaltencatlTlacecali
Etapalli IxtliMecatecolMatlalitliCalculi

Aztec Names For Boys:

You must be so happy because of your newborn child and we do not want you to stress out because of the meaning and their name. We know how name with a good name is so importance and how it can influence in so many ways. So, we have tried our best to choose the name that has great meaning and also sounds good. You must check out the names that we have chosen below.

Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Acalan ÁcatlAtlTenochXihuitl
Ahuatzi ChicahuaManauiaXiuhcoatlManauia
Chimalley CipactliItzcuintliTenochCuauhtemoc
Cipactonal CitlaleeTopiltzinCualliOcelotl
Coatl CuahutéemocYoliyamanitzinAcamapichtliHuitzilli
Cuallea CualleeTeyatiaChipadiraNoxochipin
Cuetzpallea CuetzpalleeIlhicamaraCualhuaniMomozcatl
Etalpalli GuatemocChicacotlHuitzilizohMizquinen
Huitzilin HuitzilihuitlNahuaxochXonanItzli
Ichtacka IlhicaminaIcnoyotonalCualcoehuaTeyaton

Aztec Male Names:

We have already shared a few names that would be perfect for you to choose for your baby boy but still, if you are not sure among those, worry not! We have so many names on our list that are catchy and attractive. The bonus would be a good meaning. You should not check anywhere else but the list we will be sharing would be worth checking and you will literally love them. Hence, let’s not ado further and check out the names below.

Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Aztec names and How pretty they Are
Itotia ItzcaliNatlalihuitlNecuametlTlaloc
Itzcoatl ItzliMaxtlaNezahualpilliTlachinolli
Itztli IuitlHuitztecolHuitzilinHuitzitl
Mahuizoh MatlalihuitlNamacuiItotiaCamaxtli
Meztli MictlantecuhtliTezcacoatlQuetzalcoatlChimalpopoca
Milintica MontezumaCuicapalliChipaminaTlahma
Moyolehuani NamacuixTeoxicotzinCentetiaEloxocui
Necalli NecuametlCihuatziYaocohPataca
Netzahualcoyotl NochehuatlEzyahChalchiuhcapanXocohua
Nopaltzin OcotlanEtalquiYarecohCoszcataca

Aztec Female Names:

Aztec names and How pretty they Are

We also have shared some names for your baby girl but if you are not sure about them then we have a lot more on our list. Once you have decided that you want to go with Aztec names then you can choose a name that has a good meaning. Although, we know how meaning matters the most for parents and we can not deny that a good meaning will have a good impact on you. Hence, let’s check out the amazing names.

Patli QuetzalliMomoztliXocohMizquixaual
Tayanna TeicuihNochtliZumaPapan
Teiuc TlachinolliHuitzilihuitlTepinYoloxochitl
Tlazohtzin TonalnanXiuhtonalXochiyotlYolihuani
Tonantzin ToziTepinCitlalminaYayauhqui
Xilonen XiloxochXochitiaAhuicoatlUetzlihuitl
Xitllali XiuhcoatlMatcaminaHuitzicayotlTochyacatl
Xiuhtonal XochicotzinTlacepinTlexictemocTlilpomapichtli
Xochil XochiltXihuiyaxiXochitliMatlan
Xochiquetzal XochiyotlHuitziltemocHuitziquiTochnolli

Aztec Baby Girl Names:

Aztec names and How pretty they Are

If you are searching for Aztec Princesses Names then you will find something similar like the baby girl names. We know that your baby girl is nothing less than a princess for you but the right choice of the name you will get from baby girl names. However, your baby girl will make you feel special and because of her only, your motherhood will become a great journey so you must treat her what she deserves. Let’s explore some great names and you can choose a name that has the meaning princess.

Xoco XocotzinAhuicChalmecacihuiltCozamalotl
Xocoyotl YaretziAmoxtliChanticoCuicatl
Yolihuani YoloxochitlAnacaonaChicomecoatlEtapalli
Zeltzin ZyanyaApozanolotlChiconahuiEztli
Metztli MixcóatlAtlacamaniChimalmaHuixtocihuatl
Miyaoaxochitl MizquixaualAtlacoyaChipahuaIlamatecuhtli
Necahual NenetlAtlatoninCihuatonItzpapalotl
Nochtli IxcuinameAtziCitlalicIxcuiname
Itzpapalotl IlamatecuhtliAyauhteotlCitlalicueIxtli
Huixtocihuatl CozamalotlChalchihuitlcueCoyolxauhquiMacuilxóchitl

Bottom Line:

Names play the most significant role in a baby’s life especially when they grow up, it becomes the most important part of their life and we should be pretty much choosy while choosing the right name for them. They should embrace their name when they will grow up and not at all feel shy because of it. That’s the best part you are gonna gift them!


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