Bad, Birthday, and Bored: Personal Belongings: 102. Do you have any body hair 103. (Guys Only) Are you Circumcised 104. How often you Masturbate The Number Game 45. Most expensive thing you own 46. Do you own anything above $1,000 But IMPROVED!! 105. Have you ever watched porn 106. Ideal Sexual/Physical attributes 107. Favorite Sexual Fantasy Made by u/German-Spy 47. Most prized possession 48. Do you own anything 108. Turn Ons/Turn Offs embarrassing The Basics: 109. Any Kinks 49. Weirdest thing you own 110. Ideal Sexual Position 1. Age 50. Do you own anything popular 111. How do you masturbate 112. Do you own a toy 2. Gender 51. Do you own anything considered 3. Height “rich” 113. Have you ever been caught Masturbating 114. Have you ever walked in when someone was having sex 115. Biggest fears of Sex 116. Do you have any STDS 117. How often are you horny 4. Weight 5. Where are you from 6. Zodiac Sign 52. Do you own anything futuristic 53. Coolest thing you own 54. Oldest thing you own 55. What did you buy/get recently 7. First Name 8. Last Name 9. Middle Name Appearance/Looks 10. Birthday 11. Main Language(s) 66. Hair Style 118. Most embarrassing sexual story currently horny 120. What do you expect in a sexual 67. Hair Length 119. Are 68. Hair Color Hobbies/Favorite things: 69. Nice relationship 70. Body Style 71. Ethnicity 72. What are you wearing 12. Favorite Color 13. Favorite Food Academics/School 14. Favorite Activity 15. Favorite Music genre 121. Where do you go to school 122. What classes do you take 73. Eye Color 74. Are you wearing makeup 75. Type of Underwear you wear 16. Favorite Artist 123. What grade are you in 17. Favorite Song 124. Most favorite teacher 76. Favorite outfit 18. Favorite Movie 125. Least favorite teachers 19. Favorite Video Game (if any) 77. Facial/Body Hair 126. Highest Grade/Lowest Grade in 20. Favorite TV show classes Relationships: 21. Do you play any sports 22. Last thing you did 127. How long is your school day 78. Sexuality 128. Did you do your homework 129. Do you have any test, quizzes, or 79. Relationship Status 80. Who is your crush Life/Experience exams coming up 130. Last bad grade 131. Last good grade 81. Celebrity Crush 82. Have you ever cheated on 23. Do you currently have a job 24. Future Job/Career/Ambitions 25. Have you drank/smoked anything 26. Have you done drugs 27. Do you have any pets 28. Most Favorable Memory 29. Most embarrassing moment someone 83. Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend Economic Status/Wealth: 84. Idea of Perfect Date 132: Are you rich/poor 133. Where do you stand in the wealth class (lower class, middle class, upper class) 134. How big is your house 85. Have you asked someone out 86. What do you hope in a 30. Dream Vacation relationship 87. Are you interested in anyone 88. Do you real life/online date 31. How many Family members 32. How many friends 33. Do you plan on going to college/university 135. Take a picture of your house 136. How much do your parents make 137. Do your parents struggle with debt 138. Do you own a pool Sex & Sexuality: 89. Are you a virgin 90. Have you ever seen anyone naked 91. Do you have piercing/tattoos 92. Have you ever had same-sex Social Media: (above-ground/below-ground) 139. Do you live in a gated neighborhood 140. Do you have expensive stuff 141. How big is your room 142. What kind of school do you go to 34. Do you use any other social media then Reddit 35. Who do you follow 36. Have you ever had an internet expirence 93. Have you ever sent a nude 94. Have you ever sexted 95. Have you ever kissed anyone 96. Am I attractive argument 37. Most used Social Media app Misc: 38. What’s your username on each 143. Send a selfie 97. Have you ever slept together 98. Do you want to have sex app 144. Do whatever I say (no saying no) 145. DM me 39. Have you met any friends online 40. Do you follow any NSFW accounts/pages 41. Last Person you DM’d/followed 42. What was the last message you 99. Are you straight, bi, gay/lesbian, 146. Ask whatever you want (I can’t say no) pan, etc. sent 43. How many followers/friends on Sexual: (Welcome to Spicy Town) social media 44. Amount of time you use social 100. Bra/Dick size media 101. Pubic Hair: Natural, trimmed, shaved, none I’m bored