Bad, Life, and Meme: *Untitled 1- Mousepad O X File Edit Search View Document Help 1 Copy paste from Discord: 2 A friend suggested I post this here, so here you guys go 3— 4 5 I know there’s a lot of boome rs that bag the new gene rations a lot and give us a hard time, but that shouldn’t rep resent all boome rs , which it seems to have to a lot of commenters and upvoters, even before the “ok boomer” meme. 6 7 Yes, we’re being left behind an economy that’s collapsing in on itself and a very polluted world where David Attenborough himself said we’ re past the point of no return. I, 9 But I know a lot of boomers, I grew up with a lot of them, and nearly none of them fit the stereotype that they seem to be given, especially when they we re given the opportunity to see me grow up and know that I wasn’t a bad kid at all and wasn’t out of control. And it makes me think “Here we are, doing what we’re condemning them for, blaming a whole generation for something that not all of them are guilty of.” 8 10 11 So it saddens me that we can’t just all get along and talk about how different life is to each other, and pass knowledge on like what old Aust ralia really was like, before it dies away and no one remembers. Why are we doing what we’re condemning boomers for doing, stereotyping our generation?