Bitch, Facebook, and Food: 10:20 Replies Replies to your comment on Sam’s post View Post Redditors were right about Facebook scavenging their stuff Like 11 hrs Reply scavenging? How judgmentally tedious of you. So tell me, is Reddit higher up on some food chain in your universe? Gimme a break. It’s the fucking Wild West out there. Get over it. imaginary fucking 8 hrs Like Reply So, the stuff on Reddit should stay on Reddit? The same with Twitter and other social media platforms. No cross sharing. Would suck for literally everyone that ever wanted to go viral. Don’t be ridiculous. Someone saw it, thought it was funny, and shared it. No biggie. Reply 7 hrs Like lol So you know for the fact it is exactly on top the motherfucking food chain, son. Thanks, I don’t have to present an argument. (They also said …it’s pointless and they gonna bitch about it with their “Jack of all trades, master of none” skill). Evident? Hell yeah. Reply Just now Like No biggie indeed. I thought Redditors were the bitching about their memes but no, saw it with my own ones eyes. I just stated a fact that’s all. And actually the plagiãrius should shut the fuck up and Suck it up that he in fact stole it. (Didn’t took the whole screenshot as well, Asshole) Just now Like Reply Write a reply… Well, I am taking the one for the team.