Cheating, Doctor, and Money: Get away from Vision Source. They overcharge.. it’s highway robbery. Just get your prescription and go elsewhere. 16h Like Reply I have. Hell you can’t even try on the frames there. Locked down. Like Reply 39m we fired them after they wanted to charge me $600 for a pair of glasses and then when I questioned it, the manager made a snide comment about how obviously didn’t have very good benefits since I didn’t work for and I must not make much money, etc… I lost mind my on her. She won’t forget THAT dressing down for a WHILE, Il tell I told her that it was ya that!!! none of her business to make assumptions or comments about my job, benefits or salary, and HOW DARE SHE, and that I know I make more money than SHE does and I don’t even have to work on weekends like SHE does and I know she was cheating and trying to up sell us. When she tried to retaliate and tell me that she couldn’t cancel my order, I told her I was about to have her job because we were about to have a little chat with the owner/doctor and I was going to tell them that this woman was a bully, liar and was attempting to coerce me into buying something I didn’t want or need. She backed up and shut up after that. I cancelled my order, collected my prescription, child and husband and LEFT. 10m Like Reply Dressing down the eyeglass peddler, I’ll tell ya that!!!