Crazy, Facebook, and Friends: cricket LTE 1 72% 6:46 PM Tuesday at T:30 PM It always blows my mind when I hear women say that men are the worst and just horrible people, yet everytime I open facebook it seems like every other post is a woman that posts a meme just completely bashing men. Not just one woman, nearly all. I’ve counted 8 in the past 10 minutes. You know how many posts I’ve seen from men bashing women on here? Absolutely none. Idk, its crazy how women can say this stuff but are the only ones constantly openly bashing men on social media. Maybe, just maybe, these women need to take a step back and look at themselves. Really think on it, cause l’m not convinced at all that you were in no way shape or form a part of the problem with whatever happened with you and your significant other. Stop being stubborn and throwing blame on men because we are in a certain time in society where it’s so socially acceptable to just hate on men wherever and whenever you want. Not saying that men arent out here messing up and making mistakes but damn, women never ever do anything wrong do you? Stop being so cold and work on yourselves too. 10 6 Comments אן Like Comment Man you need new friends His ex gf commented that. Ouch