It’s all very well to read about what sort of backlinks are real good quality and which ones are trash. And it’s all very well to read from the guru SEO’er that what works right now in that you can obtain real hot Google rankings will NOT WORK TOMORROW. And quite frankly, I don’t give an s..t (sorry about that, the Quality of Your Backlinks).

My philosophy whilst doing the Warrior Forum Challenge was to utilize quality backlinks and you will be blessed for doing so by Google. And I still advocate that, but I also think that if you want to mix it up that much more, then by all means get rubbishy links too. Oh and ouch, do pardon me!

What do I mean by rubbishy links as opposed to traditional and quality links?

Traditional and quality links are along the lines of EzineArticles submissions and also a number of other higher-end article submission sites – Article Dashboard, Article Blast (which I personally really like because you can get 3 links in the article body from one article and the article is published immediately without any hashing around by some prudish staff member who is going through the mid-life crisis. And the Quality of Your Backlinks follows links).

Also, good quality links will be HubPages, Squidoo, WordPress dot com – you know, the Web 2.0s. And there are the authority blog posting type links which are always going to be very valuable. And the blog commenting type links which do tend to be fair to very good too.

What about social bookmarking type links? Ah, I think they’ve really been downgraded by Google and they don’t hold too much value at the moment. They’ve been used for spam link building too much in the past and thus – like link exchanging – they’ve lost their appeal for Google.

But the fact is if you can get a ton of them and it’s not going to take you weeks to do so, nor is it going to cost you hundreds of dollars to do so, then by all means grab them! If it’s easy and it’s very efficient, the Quality of Your Backlinks?

So what about rubbishy links? Profile link type stuff springs to mind here. Some services (which I can’t use cos I’m total tech-phobic) offer to provide hundreds of these low-value links to your sites every day.

Now although their individual value is very low indeed – often coming from Google PR n/a web pages that have no content at all, except your backlink – if you get hundreds of these a day, the value of them is gonna soon add up, even though many of them will not stick for long.

Now mix in these links with your article submissions via UAW or Article Blueprint, with your blog posting via Blog Blueprint, or with your Link Juicer style links or whatever. Mix that up and you are going to very possibly be seeing some really good rankings going on – maybe in Yahoo and Bing as well as Google.

And yes, for sure, you may be oh so worried that in 6 months’ time those profile links are not going to add up to much. And you may be oh so worried that Google will not like those sort of links in 10 months’ time. But so what?

Let’s say you get 3 pages ranking at top of Google for each website you have, and you have 25 websites. Let’s say that you average just 2 bucks a day per page. Add that up… you get $150 a day income. Minus your costs for the services – let’s presume they are 500 bucks a month because you also do some outsourcing.

You are left with 4,000 bucks per month! This is a very rough example, but you can change it around to ranking a mere 20 pages at the top and a few of them bring in hundreds of dollars per month – or whatever.

Okay, so this only lasts for 8 months due to the links diminishing in value and you see your web pages slide just a bit, so income goes down. Or does it?? Not necessarily.

And why not? Why not is because you dump a further 500 bucks of that 4,000 a month into getting the better quality type of links and outsourcing the work. So you are damned well set to see continued superb rankings for months and years to come!

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And you just keep on keepin’ on until you are making so many dollars you lose count icon wink Do You Worry About the Quality of Your Backlinks?

I’m the sort of guy who tends to want to go with the flow, rather than constantly fighting against it. And if I can make some fairly fast money because my good/ great quality content on my webpages is ranking top in the search engines, then that’s very fine with me.

I’ve just got another highest ever AdSense income day today, so I must be doing something right. Na, not really – folks just seem to be more click-happy than previously, for whatever reason I really don’t know.


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