Dude, Friday, and Lmao: Friday, September 27, 2019 Hey, we playing Sea of Thieves again soon or what?! I’m rallying the troop. 12:48 PM I’m down for tonight, but I don’t get off until 9:30 12:48 PM Good, I’ve been on the past two days straight Get it together 12:58 PM Lmao, I’m trying dude! 12:59 PM Don’t give me that, I’ll talk to Aaron Or should we just duo sloop tonight? 1:00 PM I’m down for whatever. Aaron is a trip but likes to do random shit lol 1:01 PM Yeah, I know… that’s what I figured, but when I’m captain I want efficiency, and none of that fuck around nanny shit I’m talking white claws and coconut bras Fat piles of doubloons 1:02 PM By the time we get back to the outpost, we’ll be snapping necks and cashing checks 1:04 PM Lmao! 1:17 PM When your trying out that SoT update