Are you looking for the perfect necromancer identify? These magical beings target their magic on the undead, curses, lifetime drain and other matters. If they walk upcoming to a graveyard, they may possibly become much more powerful. Whether or not you are playing Dungeons and Dragons or Magic The Accumulating, you will most probable come upon necromancers from time to time. If you require necromancer names for your character, we can help you get begun with our list of solutions. The next are one hundred male and 100 feminine necromancer names for you to pick out from.

a hundred Male Necromancer Names

1. Grezhul The Darkheart
2. Ibepent The Plaguebringer
three. Giodan The Putrid
four. Chrozhul The Experi-Mentor
five. Dodum The Haggard
six. Xaezhar The Inquisitor
seven. Wraukhar The Gorish
eight. Exozar The De-Composer
9. Shetic The Corrupted
ten. Gaekai Calamity
eleven. Zouzhul The Analyzer
12. Praerael The Surgeon
13. Kaegan The Soulreaper
14. Asedulus The Paranoid
fifteen. Ilaurow The Undertaker
sixteen. Varow Nightshade
seventeen. Rovok The Insane
18. Laumon The Decrepit
19. Cralak The Paranoid
20. Shexor Grimm
21. Woqur The Corpse
22. Drethik The Animator
23. Wadulus Nyte
24. Cruvras Crane
twenty five. Esugan The Plaguemaster
26. Chaezor The Corpse
27. Idegrim The Constructor
28. Krouqur Deathwhisper
29. Drukhar Daemonne
thirty. Odrovok Anatomy
31. Shakhar Mortice
32. Keghor Mildew
33. Stradum The Lifted
34. Gaurow The Corrupted
35. Kredhur Sanguine
36. Grarius The Rotting
37. Shorow The Mute
38.Wezar Crow
39. Zraedum Rane
40. Braelos The Maggot
41. Seipent The Eternal
forty two. Kakar Diction
43. Xioxius The Undertaker
44. Pibrum Gravemore
45. Tiodan The Mute
forty six. Gozar Rane
forty seven. Shilazar The Renewer
48. Xeikar The Risen
49. Krezor The Corrupted
50. Molazar The Black

fifty one. Kerow Deville
52. Izrirael Rane
fifty three. Shegan The Fleshrender
fifty four. Ibrugan The Vivisector
fifty five. Stoxor The Decrepit
fifty six. Fadulus The Risen
fifty seven. Steghor Gloom
58. Zecular The Nightmare
fifty nine. Wrauzor The Corrupted
60. Shetic The Gorish
61. Striodan Deathwhisper
sixty two. Drozhul The Inquisitor
63. Oradhur Craft
sixty four. Ziorow Bonecall
65. Gekras Vacuity
sixty six. Zrebrum Molder
67. Stilak The Harvester
sixty eight. Yozor The Undertaker
69. Grebrum The Vivisector
70. Diozor The Darkheart
seventy one. Wrilos Haggard
seventy two. Uzreidhur The Manifested
seventy three. Nipent The Haggard
seventy four. Fibrum The Hollow
75. Vaxir The Produced
seventy six. Ugiolos The Harvester
seventy seven. Piodan Grimm
78. Cazhar Gravemore
79. Vaudulus The Couldronmaster
eighty. Gridhur Fester
81. Zraukras Calamity
eighty two. Kredan The Nightmare
eighty three. Ubrokras The Decomposer
84. Ivrauzor The Couldronmaster
85. Gelekai The Inquisitor
86. Ifabrum Deathhand
87. Axepent The Plaguemaster
88. Golos The Dissector
89. Kolekai The Beast
90. Eyazhar Deathhand
91. Wraegan The Defiler
92. Shoudan The Eternal
ninety three. Calazar Grimm
ninety four. Zaerael Malicius
ninety five. Gitic The Decayer
ninety six. Shaerael The Residing
ninety seven. Sazius The Decayer
ninety eight. Hevras Sanguine
ninety nine. Crezis Onyx
a hundred. Stexor Crow

100 Female Necromancer Names

1. Nasin Shade
2. Yiopris The Reviver
three. Yovris The Tyrant
4. Ekrecilia Calamity
5. Bidira The Serpent
6. Ostroverra Incarnate
seven. Chrimura Graeme
8. Zrobrix The Corpsemaker
nine. Xirotia The Soulreaper
ten. Craeris The Examiner
11. Ximish Graves
twelve. Owrerina Siphon
13. Ivrauroti The Putrid
14. Briroti Cruor
fifteen. Ducia Sanguis
16. Ezriobea The Necromancer
seventeen. Natulah The Corpse
eighteen. Kaxaura The Fleshrender
19. Zrioroti Shade
twenty. Rouvash The Undead
21. Sehilde The Soulreaper
22. Kreness Blackhand
23. Bitulah Cruor
24. Chrasin Mortice
twenty five. Noucia The Dissector
26. Saselm The Desecrator
27. Wetulah The Necro
28. Fapris Maleficum
29. Wemish Putrescence
thirty. Istreroti The Dissector
31. Xeitulah The Blight
32. Craghana Graeme
33. Vauris The Corruptor
34. Umaness The Animator
35. Beiroti The Adept
36. Shagrid The Examiner
37. Locia The Corpsemaker
38. Edeselm The Insane
39. Duvris The Immortal
forty. Azerotia Nyte
41. Criotulah The Soulkeeper
42. Grougami The Mad
43. Vrorina The Mad
44. Drureda The Demise
forty five. Vavash The Haggard
forty six. Yalian The Manufactured
forty seven. Graedita The De-Composer
forty eight. Kragami The Analyzer
forty nine. Grimish Blackhand
50. Proviah The Corrupted

fifty one. Ceverra Gloom
fifty two. Asasin Blackhand
53. Vrogami Plasma
fifty four. Cracia Hex
fifty five. Namish The Manifested
fifty six. Okoven Crane
57. Awretulah The Soulkeeper
fifty eight. Meviah Void
59. Palen Cruor
60. Laereda Mallus
sixty one. Stioghana Doomweaver
62. Sautulah Carnage
sixty three. Chuvana The Blight
sixty four. Rerina The Made
sixty five. Sahilde The Undead
sixty six. Vrotulah The Corpse
sixty seven. Voulian The Paranoid
68. Pazaen Gravemore
sixty nine. Ziovris The Reviver
70. Chalian Naxxremis
seventy one. Cresin The Darkmaster
72. Chesin Bane
73. Krorina The Renewer
seventy four. Turoti The Rotting
75. Neilian The Putrid
76. Pibea Maleficum
77. Odebetha The Decomposer
78. Seress Mallus
79. Emaress Shade
80. Greirina The Fleshrender
81. Mouress The Surgeon
82. Zragrid Haggard
83. Brisin Morte
eighty four. Awroverra The Darkmaster
85. Wreireda The Mad
86. Moughana The Adept
87. Igravris The Mad
88. Daviah Umbra
89. Opraren The Corpse
90. Yodita The Fleshrender
91. Straereas Dusk
92. Zareas The Nightmare
93. Caebetha The Blight
94. Gireas Gloom
ninety five. Uwradita Anatomy
96. Soven The Mute
ninety seven. Chrilya Necrosyse
ninety eight. Chririna The Physician
ninety nine. Vourina The Decomposer
one hundred. Moxaura The Insane

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