The word “clone” itself refers to a copy of everything. This term was first introduced in biology, and duplication of entities is called cloning. Increase Claims Application / Website Calls

Web, mobile development, and clone websites refer to an exact copy of a website or other application in terms of design and functionality. Alternatively, your existing website may have some additional features.

What is a clone website?

You may have visited websites/applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,, Yelp,, and eBay. These are very popular websites with annual revenues of billions / trillion. Increase Claims Application / Website Calls

You might have imagined that you have your own website with the same features as other popular websites or with additional features within it.


The source code for scripts and applications for popular websites may not be for sale or may be too expensive. Therefore, cloning a website is the only solution for getting an application / website with the same or other features.

As shown in the following figure, we already have clones from major websites such as,, LinkedIn, Instagram, Real Estate clone, so we provide cloning solutions and expertise in developing cloning solutions. There are several companies that have.

Increase Claims Application / Website Calls
Increase Claims Application / Website Calls

Why choose clone resolution?

Easy integration into your own scripts: You can easily integrate clone scripts into existing scripts.
You can add new features. Prepare a feature list for your website/application with all the features you need.
Easy Adjustment: Clone scripts can be easily customized to suit your requirements and needs.

Highly scalable: The scope and functionality of your website / clone application can be extended to suit your requirements.
Cost-Effectiveness: Clone solutions are cheaper than developing a website from scratch or purchasing a license from the original website owner.
Time-Saving: Developing a clone solution can save you more time than developing a website from scratch.
Language Focus: You can choose the platform on which you want your website/application to be developed.

Increase Claims Application / Website Calls
Increase Claims Application / Website Calls

100% access to source code: 100% access to the source of the clone script. As you have full permission to modify your website.
No copyright issues: There are no legal issues when cloning your website. Others may clone your website just by adding new features.

Create your own license: It will be your website entirely, so you can create your own license.
And there are so many benefits of cloning solutions. Increase Claims Application / Website Calls

Are you thinking of getting a clone application now? After seeing the benefits, it’s actually very nice. So what are you waiting for? If you have any ideas about creating a clone with the specified features, please contact the clone developer to get a cloning solution.

If you want to know more about cloning websites/applications, please contact Nine Hertz for the best cloning scripting solution.

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