Industrial cleaning is all cleaning carried out on professional premises. It can be an internal or external room, or both at the same time. Recently, business leaders have chosen to call on organizations offering this type of cleaning to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

Whether in offices, stores, laboratories, hospitals, factories, service providers in this area would be able to perform all necessary cleaning.

The different kinds of cleaning

Currently, more than half of organizations use a service provider especially known in industrial cleaning to keep their premises clean. In general, there are three types of industrial cleaning. First of all, there is the classic cleaning.

This type of cleaning includes the maintenance and cleaning that apply in the tertiary sector, such as the cleaning of shops, offices, or even large buildings. The second type of cleaning is specialized cleaning.

It mainly concerns the cleaning of sensitive premises such as hospitals, food production industries, or even nuclear industries. With specialized cleaning, cleaners must meet the required standards and qualification levels. The third type of cleaning activity,

Who to call for industrial cleaning?

The service providers work with cleaning and maintenance agents, machinists, and window cleaners. For cleaning small premises or businesses, internal cleaning teams can do it. While for the premises of the food industry, cleaning agents must comply in detail with the recommended standards.

For large organizations, preference should be given to service providers with a large cleaning team. Given the number of providers offering industrial cleaning, making an excellent choice is not always easy. Therefore, a comparison must be made between the offers offered and the prices.

Industrial cleaning in all sectors of activity

From now on, service providers offering industrial cleaning can intervene in any sector of activity. In the case of office cleaning, the cleaning systems applied to vary according to a few criteria. The cleaning differs according to the internal organization of the premises, the existence of marble, parquet floors, and the size of the premises in general.

For the cleaning of shopping centers, stores, and businesses, cleaning agents carry out their mission with industrial-level equipment. Among these machines, mention may be made of the THV mono brush and the thermoplastic mono brush. The techniques used for food production premises are mainly limited to disinfection.

Instead, agents use fungicidal and bactericidal solutions, while avoiding toxic products. For production industries, cleaning agents specializing in this sector are more qualified. Indeed, not only is this type of cleaning more complicated, but it also presents more risk.

The application of such cleaning methods requires adherence to strict protocols. Some cleaning providers also offer additional services such as the restoration of the premises after any event.

The cost of industrial cleaning

Each industrial cleaning service provider has its own offer and price. In general, the cost of industrial cleaning varies according to the needs of the business, the industry, and the type of cleaning. Pricing varies depending on your requests, whether you require window cleaning, waxing, or even floor stripping.

Without forgetting to specify that some providers establish the prices according to the surface of the premises. There is no standard rule imposed on the prices applied for industrial cleaning. Thus, providers can set the prices according to their choice.

However, we must not forget that this type of cleaning presents risks, and requires the use of specific materials and products. In addition, cleaning agents must work staggered hours such as night or before dawn so as not to disrupt employees or business operations.

It is necessary to take into account the duration of the operation, the social charges, the materials, the peculiarities of the premises as well as the competence of the cleaning agents.

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