Now that you identified the great pup, what are you going to simply call him? If you are battling to name your canine, then this list will assist you get started out. We have provided a hundred names for blue, grey, and silver puppies, but enable us know in the reviews if we missed any of your favorites.

one hundred Names for Blue, Gray, and Silver Dogs

1. Slate: This grey stone is identified for becoming a sturdy stone.

2. Misty: A excellent identify that evokes ideas of the blue ocean.

3. Argent: This is the French word for silver.

four. Ash: The gray remnant of wooden that has been burned.

five. Brock: A title of strength and electricity.

six. Gandalf: This wizard’s name and title is Gandalf the Gray.

seven. Glacier: This icy blue geological formation is recognised for its stamina.

eight. Shadow: Employed for black and grey pet dogs to denote their darkish coloration.

9. Cobalt: A blue aspect recognized for its thermal conductivity.

10. Memphis: A town recognised for the musical style: the Blues.

11. Nickel: A metallic metallic that is silver in color.

twelve. Silber: The phrase for silver in the German language.

thirteen. Steel: Carbonized iron acknowledged for its energy and utility.

14. Tinsel: A shimmering product regarded for its dainty and celebratory nature.

fifteen. Earl: Earl Grey is the tea eaten by Captain Picard in Star Trek.

sixteen. Nyx: In Greek mythology, this is the title of the goddess of the evening.

seventeen. Slocan: A silver hurry in British Columbia in the late 1800’s.

18. Seer: Grey eyes are usually attributes of seers in fictional stories.

19. Lake: The colour of lake drinking water is generally blue.

twenty. Athena: The Greek goddess of wisdom was recognised for her grey eyes.

21. Coal: Charred wood or or sedimentary rock utilised for heating.

22. Grigio: This is the Italian word for Grey.

23. Smokey: Smoke is gray and floats by the air.

24. Phantom: Typically depicted as a spiritual getting or an apparition.

twenty five. Umbra: This is the darkest aspect of a shadow, the other two sections are the penumbra and antumbra.

26. Eclipse: The phenomenon of the Earth or Moon casting a shadow around the other.

27. Teal: A blue-green shade that is frequently connected with the sea.

28. Blue: Frequently a nickname for an outdated, blue dog.

29. Dan: The identify of the rock band identified as Steely Dan.

30. Blade: The silver color of a sword is evoked by this phrase.

31. Glasebach: A German silver mine opened in the 1400’s, which is now a museum.

32. Samson: A Biblical identify normally involved with energy and measurement.

33. Ryder: A resilient design and style of jeans built by the organization Lee.

34. Indigo: A blue dye built from the a species of beans.

35. Sterling: Sterling silver is often utilised to denote worth or really worth.

36. Plata: This is the phrase silver in the Spanish language.

37. Trivia: The Roman goddess of ghosts who is declared by the barking of dogs.

38. Comstock: A big silver node in Nevada, which was mined in the 1800’s/.

39. Sherlock: The coloration of the eyes of Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft.

40. 7: The seventh Dr. Who is recognized to have grey eyes.

41. Nosey: Blusenose pit bulls are regarded for their distinctive blue or grey nose.

42. Ice: The tough, frozen phase of h2o, which usually seems to be blue.

43. Yin: This is how silver is pronounced in Chinese.

forty four. Ella: A Blues singer identified as the Queen of Jazz.

45. Kesef: The term silver in the Hebrew language.

46. Granite: An igneous rock that is regarded for its numerous colours.

47. Luna: The Roman goddess of the moon who is generally connected with silver.

48. Hurry: A phrase that is usually involved with copper, silver, and gold mines.

forty nine. Rayne: An abnormal spelling of rain, which if often symbolized as a blue drinking water droplet.

50. Katniss: The primary character in the fictional collection, “Hunger Games”, whose eyes are gray.

51. Pepper: A spice created of floor pepper seeds, which is usually gray in color.

fifty two. Stormy: Darkish hues and drinking water are related with storms.

53. Azul: The Spanish term for the coloration blue.

fifty four. Stone: A synonym for rock, which is normally linked with the colour grey.

fifty five. Levi: A business that helps make denims, which are often dyed with indigo.

fifty six. Han: The blue pigment employed in Chinese pottery.

57. Gin: The pronunciation of the Japanese term for silver.

58. Mint: The locale where by coins are made.

fifty nine. Selene: This is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon.

60. Belle: The key character in the film, “Beauty and the Beast”, who has gray eyes.

61. Clay: The soil material recognised for made up of metallic oxides, these kinds of as silver oxide.

62. Chrome: An component recognized for its reflective, silver coloration.

63. Dusty: A identify associated to dust, which is often silver in physical appearance.

64. Flint: A crystal identified for its ability to generate sparks when struck versus steel.

65. Zelda: A shortened type of the German title, Griselda, indicating darkish battle.

66. Lilac: The blue-purple colour produced renowned by the flower, lilac.

sixty seven. Mercury: The swiftest earth in the solar process and the aspect recognised by the same identify.

68. Cenzio: This is the Spanish word for the color gray.

69. Comet: A stellar item made of ice and dust.

70. Dorian: The very first identify of the character, Dorian Grey, from the novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

seventy one. Grau: The phrase for gray in the German language.

72. Pewter: A metallic alloy that is grey in colour.

73. Grover: A blue Muppet in the tv display, “Sesame Road.”

74. Moody: The first portion of the English rock band, The Moody Blues.

75. Neptune: The Roman god of the sea and the eighth planet in the solar program.

seventy six. Sapphire: A rare gemstone regarded for its clue coloration.

seventy seven. Sonic: The name of a blue video clip recreation character identified for his speed.

seventy eight. Capri: The daring blue of the sky all through a dazzling, sunny working day.

79. Smoke: Particulates of gas that has gone through combustion.

80. Smudge: A word for a tiny discoloration.

81. Bullet: A swift-relocating, metallic projectile.

82. Rogue: A comedian book character recognised for a gray streak in her hair.

eighty three. Soot: Carbon particles resulting from incomplete combustion.

84. Winchester: A firm which makes firearms.

eighty five. Claymore: A Scottish sword of the late medieval time period.

86. Greyjoy: The identify of a family members in the fictional sequence, “Game of Thrones.”

87. Marble: A metamorphic rock which is typically silver or gray in color.

88. Titan: A shortened edition of titanium, an factor acknowledged for its longevity.

89. Smurf: Fictional blue people who dwell in mushrooms.

90. Baloo: A pleasant, gray bear in the guide and motion picture, “The Jungle Reserve.”

ninety one. Arian: The Welsh word for silver.

92. Montana: A Condition recognized for producing sapphires.

93. Yahto: A Indigenous American name that means blue.

ninety four. Harley: A brand name of motorcycles, which are normally gray.

95. Zinc: An ingredient which is silver colored.

ninety six. Colossus: A comic reserve character who is able to remodel into a metallic variety.

ninety seven. Onyx: A silicate mineral which is normally black or grey.

98. Accomplice: The colour of the uniforms of the Accomplice military ended up gray.

99. Navy: The darkish blue shade of the deep ocean.

a hundred. Tank: A substantial navy equipment, which is often grey.

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