Marketing Strategies of Aajtak News Channel


Business Identify- Aaj Tak
Founder- Aroon Purie

Can you picture your everyday living devoid of news? Very well, news is 1 such source which presents us beneficial insight and know-how about regardless of what is occurring around the Globe. Be it national, international, political information, sports news, Bollywood or Worldwide information 1 of the top information channel that has defeat all the other individuals is, the Aaj Tak, from the household of Tv set Now.


How it all started.

In 1990, the Government of India made the decision that each and every non-public channel can enter in the leisure software marketplace and that time Aaj Tak also entered in the news industry.


Aaj Tak is a most seen, cherished and trustworthy information brand. It is a dependable information channel that is leading from 17 years of its institution.  When Aaj Tak released, the news marketplace was presently crowded with Star News and Zee News channels and occupied the top rated positions but Aaj Tak improved the market place dynamics in its very own way. It has provided a hard competitiveness to its opponents and has stood robust around the several years.

Aaj Tak’s advertising and marketing tactic and interesting good reasons behind its achievements

Competitive Tactic

Aaj Tak constantly set their method by observing what their competitors are doing and what the weak point of the channel is so that they can use that as an advantage. An additional advantage of this channel is that they are a aspect of the media group. The channel runs by TVTN, it has substantial expertise in the output of information as very well as in present affair applications. The channel utilizes competitive strategies to assure its footprint in the news segment.

Expansion Technique

Aaj Tak took a stage to make the channel readily available across the geographies and make absolutely sure that viewers must get some optimistic booster as a result of their routines. At present, the channel has grow to be the dominant No. one information channel of India. The channel has broken all viewership information by attaining extra than one hundred million viewers and is the top rated channel in Hindi news. This is found to be unmatched, unseen and unheard in information room. By means of this channel, the advertisers also get added benefits as they attain to added viewers on the exact same system. The extra viewers enable advertisers to shell out a lot more for their ads on Aaj Tak and it also boosts their ROI. Accomplishing the new set of viewers by Aaj Tak has ensured that the growth of the channel is setting a new benchmark on the news marketplace and also makes them launch impressive content material about the channel.

Concentration on Rural News

For generating desire, the channel has taken a stage to obtain information by masking modest towns and villages. So, the channel launched a new information exhibit by focusing on rural parts named- ‘Gaon Aaj Tak’. This information display presents rural news like what challenges they are going through, troubles and inspirational stories of the location. The channel not only helps rural places to be updated but also provide a short seem of their globe to the viewers across the place. This served the channel to access out to the bigger audience of the planet.

Material Tactic

The information system of Aaj Tak consists of the collection of reinventions and diversifications to keep on as a chief in information place across the state of rural and city markets. Aaj Tak was run by in depth wall paintings across the Indian HSM states with their activation programs that are connecting hundreds of villages with their out stationed users. They normally develop attractive content that can draw in extra and additional new viewers’ each and every time. Aaj Tak has unveiled a information program with an ground breaking material, named ‘Upparwala Dekh Raha Hai’, it is ready to appreciate a differentiated loyalty.

Investment decision in marketing and advertising

Aaj Tak has designed and increased its presence in some new spots. The channel has invested in advertising and marketing for acquiring a new established of viewers. The investment labored and the channel was able to connect 100 million viewers with the news and marked its put on the top of the information channel’s record. Aaj Tak grew to become a necessary channel in media for information that likes to cater by most of the men and women in the planet. The channel obtained electricity to set

Aaj Tak Marketing campaign

“Saare Jahan Se Sachcha”

This campaign demonstrates the core of the model that is- Fearlessness, Reality and No compromise. The motive of the channel is to show why real truth is so vital. The channel highlights the fundamental have to have of the modern society that is- to be genuine, and to be genuine. The aim of this campaign is to deliver the concepts of truth and integrity that are defining Aaj Tak from seventeen a long time. The campaign of this brand appears the reality in a incredibly different way. Trustworthiness is the only respond to of unsubstantiated noises and Aaj Tak is participating in a crucial role in this location.

The channel believes that ‘No legacy is wealthy as honesty’ and this is the purpose that Aaj Tak witnesses and history-breaking news or tales every time. The campaign is telecast on 3 TVCs that captures day to day circumstances. The line ‘Saare Jahan Se Sachcha’ is conceived to tug at people’s heart and build favourable emotion. The campaign of Aaj Tak attempts to remind people the values of speaking fact. Aaj Tak has the trust of serving the up to date news and for keeping this believe in the channel provides most credible, factual and impartial information that allows them to be one.five moments in advance of their closest competitor.


Aaj Tak has won ITA Awards for 4 instances and becoming the No. one information channel for 15 moments. It has owned the title of Greatest Hindi Information Channel Award by staying the most well-liked information channel among the viewers thanks to information connected to a typical worry.


‘Aaj Tak’ is a Hindi phrase which means ‘Till Today’ that suggests it provides news of up to the minute. It is an Indian Hindi language channel and it is owned by Television nowadays community it is section of Dwelling Media Group. It’s a 24×7 news channel that retains its eye on all the breaking news round the clock. The tough operate of its journalists, news anchor and editors can be found via the name and the fame the channel has gained until day.

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