Polar Pro Filters Summit Landscape Kit – An Innovative New Filter System


If you’re into landscape photography, and in particular if you shoot movie or do time-lapse images, then you almost certainly know how significant specialised filters can be to your function. At times, a one screw-in ND filter just isn’t sufficient!

This is the place multi-filter methods arrive in, allowing you to use two or three filters at the exact same time, as properly as adjust the darkening of just fifty percent or part of your image making use of graduated filters.

PolarPro, known for its higher-top quality drone filter techniques and their QuartzLine camera (threaded) filters, has just released its following filter process, the Summit Landscape Kit. With the Summit procedure, PolarPro joins the somewhat elite group of filter methods that offer graduated (sq.) ND filters!

30 sec, f/ten, ISO sixty four, 14mm
Summit Filter Method Utilized: CPL, two-stop GND, 10-stop ND
Nikon Z7, Nikon Z fourteen-30mm f/4 S

The Landscape package consists of a holder with area for three styles of filters- a round polarizer, a strong ND (neutral density) filter, and a graduated ND (GND) filter. Each filter has its have location in the holder, producing operation uncomplicated and intuitive.

This posting and online video are sponsored by Polarpro. They sent us a Summit Landscape kit prior to this push launch, so that we could give it a thorough take a look at and give our honest feedback. In the video clip, and extra report down below, you can go through our have candid viewpoint about the system.

I’ve been a landscape photographer for fifteen several years, and have employed numerous different styles of sq. filter methods. If you are a landscape photographer, a filmmaker, and/or a timelapse photographer, you must know about these specialty filter kits, whether or not for handling highlights, achieving a slower shutter pace or aperture for movie, or accomplishing prolonged publicity pictures.

Click on in this article for much more data about the PolarPro Summit Filter Technique and the Landscape Package.

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Polar Professional Summit Landscape Package | Specifications

Filter System Measurement: 105mm
Filter Thread Size: 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm
Filter Glass: Fused Quartz Glass, (CPL, ND, GND) sixteen-layer coatings

Sq. Filter Design and style: Aluminum body & keeping tab, labeled (both EV stops and ND score)
Incorporates: 1 “core”, thread adapter, rubber hood, 1 CPL, 1 soft two-major GND, one stable 6-stop ND
Equipment: Rubber hood, carrying case, (for core, and every single filter independently, lens fabric(s)
Optional: three-end smooth GND, ten-stop good ND, sixteen.7-halt stable ND
Pricing: $699 ($599 for 1 week soon after announcement!) Additional filters: $249

Polar Pro Summit Landscape Package | Essential Strengths

When to start with working with this filter procedure, I immediately acquired at ease operating with a few filters at the moment. This is, really honestly, a reaction that I have by no means had to other filter kits. They were always a little bit cumbersome to use, and I’ve had a several times of genuine aggravation from lacking (or messing up) a shot.

Each and every filter has its personal certain place in the holder. The round polarizer goes in a effortlessly spinning mount in the rear of the filter  method, and is straightforward to rotate from both aspect with its knurled outer grip.

The two slots for square filters have committed locking knobs the rear filter slot is for good ND filters and locks with the decrease of the two locking knobs. The entrance filter slot is for graduated ND filters, and locks with the upper of the two locking knobs.

Each of the square filters has equally a metallic frame all all-around the filter, and a file folder style tab for straightforward use. (Devoid of having your fingerprints on the filter glass!) All collectively, this will make the process particularly uncomplicated to work, and generally far more person-helpful. For case in point, you can not unintentionally press both of the sq. filters out the bottom of their slots, for the reason that they have really hard bump-stops to hold them from likely beneath their lowest environment.

Thanks to the toughness of the metallic-framed square filters and their locking screws, the entire set up can be transported with all a few filters left in the holder, ready to be mounted to their threaded lens adapter. This suggests you can be completely ready to shoot in virtually one minute or considerably less!

The Landscape package also features a rubber hood, which you can use if you are ever capturing in harsher conditions and/or if you’d just like to continue to keep a rubber bumper close to all of that glass and metallic.

With or with no the hood, the toughness of the holder and filters is extraordinary. When metal framed filters are not a foreign concept in the realm of cinema, most nevertheless photographers applying modern electronic comprehensive-frame and APS-C etc. cameras are possible utilised to viewing sq. filters that are practically nothing but glass. They are susceptible to fingerprints all over the edges of the filters, and if you drop just one, you superior hope it is in the grass or tender earth, and not on a rock or pavement! (I clumsily dropped a sq. filter off a cliff when. It did not survive.)

The Landscape kit incorporates all 3 of the filters, with the sound ND getting a 6-halt (ND64) filter, and the graduated ND remaining a 2-quit (ND-four) tender-edge GND. There are also 10-cease and sixteen.seven-cease sound ND filters, as well as a three-stop GND, which are obtainable as more filters.

30 sec, f/10, ISO 64, 14mm
Summit Filter Procedure Employed: CPL, 3-prevent GND, ten-stop ND
Nikon Z7, Nikon Z fourteen-30mm f/four

Of class, you may be asking, why should you use a GND filter to keep highlights back in a scene, if it is effortless to capture a bracketed HDR graphic? In truth, that is a superior point, and in some nevertheless images conditions, maybe a bracketed sequence is a far better choice. In the previously mentioned image, you can see that the GND filter did cause some shadowing on the rocks on the proper.

On the other hand, in some scenarios, you simply don’t have the option to bracket exposures, these as when shooting video or timelapse. (You can see a great deal of examples in the video clip over!)

New Ultra-Broad Lens Compatibility

By the way, we also experienced a probability to examination this filter method out on some of the most recent extremely-large entire-frame mirrorless lenses that just hit the market place in the latest months! PolarPro states that they assure the Summit process will perform as wide as 17mm, and it’s possible some lenses that go to 16mm may have vignetting, Even so, we’ve gotten excellent effects from the Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S as large as 14mm without the need of the GND (front) filter on, (and stopped down vast-open up there is shadowing) …or at fourteen.5-15mm with the GND filter.

We also examined the brand name-new Canon RF fifteen-35mm f/two.eight L IS, and observed that as soon as once again we could shoot (stopped-down) at 15mm with no vignetting and with out the GND filter, or at fifteen.5-16mm with the GND filter.

For a 105mm filter procedure, this is very unprecedented! Typically, you would need the enormous, clamp-on 150mm filter programs to go this broad, on the lenses that have a mounted hood instead of front filter threads. For this explanation alone, I’d unquestionably adore to have this Summit kit on the Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S in distinct it tends to make landscape photography noticeably extra compact and portable…

Polar Pro Summit Landscape Kit | Downsides

Looking at the overall high quality of the complete technique, such as equally its bodily sturdiness and image good quality, in addition the innovative style that will make running a few filters so simple, it is not simple to obtain “problems” with the Summit filter package.

If anything, all the metallic in the holder and filters that would make it so strong, also (of training course) helps make it quite a little bit heavier than other square filter kits, and definitely a great deal extra so than possessing just two or three frequent threaded filters.

So, I will have to admit, even as a landscape and timelapse photographer, I’m not likely to have a total square filter program up each one mountain that I climb. There will be a great deal of adventures exactly where I will get by with a pair of standard 82mm filters. When your backpack hits forty or fifty lbs, you can not bring every thing.

Even if the pounds isn’t far too undesirable, the package can also acquire up really a little bit of space, specifically when you include an further filter or two to the principal carrying pouch. Every single filter pouch is alternatively thick with its padding, and combining unfastened filters in a one pouch could final result in a single receiving scratched by the metallic body of the other possibly they’ll incorporate a divider or two to their specific filter pouches.

The only other matter that comes to brain, yet again, is one thing to do with what helps make the method so straightforward and intuitive in the first place- With this process, you never just have three open up filter holders, so you can not genuinely incorporate two GND filters, though technically you could however incorporate two typical ND filters if you definitely needed. Given that digital cameras these days have these types of great dynamic assortment, (and because I’m not really a supporter of tough-edge GND filters, in any case) I never imagine this will be a really serious downside for most photographers.

Possessing mentioned all that, the base line is that even with any negatives, it’s continue to the only square filter method that I would access for when I know I’ll be taking pictures a scene that definitely calls for these types of a specialty device. In fact, it is very a specialty software, and you’re probable to want to possess a standard threaded filter, (whether a polarizer, ND,  ND-PL, or variable ND) …before you spend in just one of these higher-conclusion filter techniques.

Very long Exposure Tutorial | The ISO 6400 Trick

If you are pondering how individuals get those insane-awesome pictures of excessive movement blur in broad daylight, then you’re almost certainly likely to want to know additional about ND and GND filters. To make an extremely-lengthy exposure in wide daylight, and seize one thing like the clouds moving by the sky, you will need to have a really, quite darkish ND filter, and a GND filter generally aids much too based on the scene.

If you’ve bought a 13 or 16-quit ND filter, that’s half the fight! These a darkish filter will allow your shutter velocity to get into the seconds or even minutes, when taking pictures at a reduced ISO and a higher (tiny) aperture.

Frame your impression and established your concentration before you place on the tremendous-dim ND filter. Then, with the ND filter in place, set your camera to the perfect aperture, and ISO 6400. Relying on how dark your filter is, and what the ambient gentle is like, you are going to in all probability finish up with a 1, two, or 4-2nd exposure.

The trick is, if you transform your ISO from 6400 to 100, you can improve your shutter velocity from one sec to 1 min, and it will be the exact same publicity value. (Which is the splendor of the publicity triangle!) Or, if you essential a 2 or four-second exposure, then use a 2 or four-minute publicity at ISO a hundred.

four sec, f/ten, ISO 6400 (Examination Exposure)

four-minute exposure, f/10, ISO one hundred
Summit Filter Technique Utilized: CPL, 2-stop GND, 16.7-quit ND
Canon EOS RP, Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.eight L IS

Pricing & Availability

10-moment publicity, f/10, ISO one hundred
Summit Filter Program Used: CPL, 3-stop GND, 16.7-prevent ND
Canon EOS RP, Canon RF 15-35mm f/two.8 L IS

Some square filter kits can conveniently price tag well more than $one,000, so it was a nice surprise when Polar Professional informed us that the complete package, including 4 filters, will be just $599 for the initial start 7 days, and then $699 just after that.

Considering how lots of filters are provided in the package, and the specialist high-quality, that is a pretty aggressive cost. As mentioned just before, they do have more filters obtainable with the sq. ND/GND filters at $249 and the CPL at $149. You can also buy the holder (core) for $299. Click listed here to go to the PolarPro Summit Method website page.