Traveling is great. It’s fun and adventurous and sometimes, it’s very, very stressful. Flights get delayed and baggage gets lost and once we get there, new languages and food and street signs and maps are almost enough to take the joy out of traveling. But which the advent of apps geared towards travel, it can be all fun and games.

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Getting started

Looking for flights and hotel reservations can be the most tedious part of planning a trip – and it’s usually the most expensive. The Kayak app compares several travel databases to get the best flight and hotel room prices within the travel parameters. It doesn’t let the user book via the app, however. It’s just to help find the best deal, and then can be booked on a computer. But it’s great for easy research on the go. And don’t forget to punch in the best mile credit card for that flight to get an even better deal.

En route

GateGuru is great for long hours at the airport. It’s an app that tells the user what food sources are nearby, as well as what deals they have on special. It’s a great app to look through when in line, waiting to go through security – that way, it’s not hard to have a game plan for which restaurants or coffee shops to stop at before the flight starts to board.

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There’s also an app called Fight Flab for those of us who are health-conscious and the thought of eating at certain places makes us (literally) cringe. The app provides calorie counts and nutritional information for various chain restaurants (like the ones usually found in airports) so that it’s easier to make healthy choices when on the go.

After landing

Because we all need food, finding places to eat while traveling is a high priority for most people. For those who like to get off of the beaten path and follow the locals, the app Local Eats can be a lifesaver. It automatically finds nearby restaurants that don’t belong to chains, so the more adventurous eaters among us can satisfy our culinary needs. This app can also be used for those who stay home – it would probably be fun to find “local” eats and try them out.

And when we go anywhere, we have to pay for things. Knowing how much money is worth when traveling abroad can be helpful. It might make sure that shopping while on vacation doesn’t blow the rent budget when the vacation is over, and to see if an item is really worth buying at that price. XE Currency converts money like a calculator. For example, a £10 t-shirt from the U.K. would cost about $16. If the shirt is worth that much, go for it. Happy travels.


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