Facebook is one of most famous and widely used social networking site in all over the world. People spends hours on facebook doing chatting ,sharing pictures ,doing chatting  .Facebook is a useful tool to stay connected friends, family, colleagues and rest of the world .But you can use facebook  to get huge traffic on your website .

Following are tips to increase blog traffic

1. Have a decent facebook profile

Check your facebook profile .  IF you want to drive traffic to your blog  then you need to check that you have a decent profile that reflects your expertise in your filed.

YOU should check all  types of your personal interest , pictures and videos include in your profile.  In order to have traffic on your blog through facebook your friend list should be huge and you don’t want to share smoking ( any thing else ) with them.

SO you should check your profile what to share and what not to  share. 

2. Find Friends

Yes to get more and more traffic to your blog you should have more and more  friends in friend list . The more friends you have the more is your area of communication to promote your blog .

You can find your friends with help of various pages and groups  on facebook . These friends also have same area of interest and will help you to get more and more traffic to your blog these friends will also help you to improve your blog.


3. Join Groups or Create Your Own Group

This is one of the best way to use facebook as a traffic source for your blog. Join group or Create your own group and invite people to join these group.

This will help you to communicate to different type of people you can participate in different conversation taking place in groups.You can  use these groups to promote your blog you can tell purpose of your  blog and your role in blog and how this blog can help others. 

Join Groups or Create Your Own Group

4.Facebook page is also useful source to get large amount of traffic 

You can like a facebook page of related topic and join conversation or you can have your own facebook page .You can create  facebook page of your blog under brand category   use facebook page to show all the latest post and update of your blog .Use facebook to share your contents and views .

Facebook page is great way to interact with your reader you can ask them to share their knowledge or views .

5. Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page

Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page. .You should have a profile which is linked with other social networking  accounts this is great way to attract readers from different types of social networking platform . 

6. Promote Your Facebook Link

You can also show your facebook page like option to your website so more and more people like your page . By doing this you can get regular reader very easily to your website you can also add your personal facebook Id link.

7. Be Active

After creating facebook page, profile and group some of the users disappear they use their pages, groups and profile  rarely this have very negative impact on the followers they think that user is not at all serious and doing this only for time pass and this result in huge decline in followers and traffic .

SO remain active on this types of pages ,group and profile and do update all these frequently .

8.Place a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are inexpensive as compare to other ads providing company and cover huge audience which result in increase in blog traffic .

Conclusion –

 SO  i hope now you can use facebook as great source of traffic for your blog.You can also check our other post regarding traffic .



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