Children love their toys. They form the memories which they cherish their lifetime. And no amount of toys is ever enough for these hyperactive little humans. Also, toys are essential for the mental and physical growth of children.

They help their imagination and keep them engaged. The more creative and useful the gift the happier they get. In order to help you pick out a gift for a two-year-old toddler, we have a few ideas to help you bring a smile on their adorable faces.

Block by Block to build them up

Kids love building blocks. They find it fascinating to build houses and buildings out of blocks and they take equal pleasure in demolishing them. Building blocks also help them be creative and logical as they fit pieces together to form a cohesive structure.

Therefore, building blocks, Lego sets, and picture puzzles are essential items which you can gift a toddler. The more colorful the shape and the big the size of the blocks, the better and more attractive they will be to the little kid.

Colour to brighten their time

Kids are attracted easily towards colors. They love scribbling and putting pen, pencil or crayons to paper. They also love coloring books. Putting in color to something they have learned to recognize as a bird is intriguing for them. Gift them coloring books and they will be busy in a corner for a long time, emerging only to show off their work of art to everyone.

Through, coloring books, kids being to eventually learn to color within the lines and learn more about art itself. This aids in discipline and creativity. Pick out colorful books which have simple items like birds and tree, or homes. Such books sure are to keep the kid occupied and engaged.

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Stories to fuel their imagination

Kids aged two and up are curious about everything. They are full of questions, wondering the workings of everything. It is at this critical stage where they develop their sense of imagination. In order to boost this, telling them stories is very important. Stories help them relate to the human experience and understand emotions better.

Thus, children’s story books and picture story books are a very good present. Fill their bed time with vivid stories of foreign lands and interesting characters.

Block by Block to build them up
2-year-Old Toddler

Let them splash around in a kiddie pool

Little kids love playing with water during their bath. Thus, a kiddie pool with some toys like a rubber duck can be a very good gift. Fill the shallow pool with very little water, put the toys and the kid will splash around for hours. You can also add a pair of cute little swimming trunks to keep the kid safe in the water.

A kiddie pool is small enough to fit in a bathroom or in a corner of a room so a parent can keep an eye as their child enjoys splashing in the water.

Comfort them with a stuffed buddy

For a two-year-old, their stuffed characters aren’t just toys, but their friends. They love carrying them around and can’t sleep without having them beside. Pick a new plush cuddly friend for the child. He or she will hold the stuffed toy dear for a long time.

Through the useful toys mentioned in this post, the child will not only be playing but also be learning. This learning curve which takes place between the age of one and five is fundamental to their growth as a person. Thus it is important to surround children with toys which help their development.

Most importantly, these useful toys for two-year-olds will bring them joy as well as those around them as they watch the little one play.



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