If you are trying to think of a great Christmas gift for a loved one, then it may seem like a new smartphone from the latest generation would be ideal. After all, these are expensive, powerful products and everybody loves having the best in technology on the go, right?Well, while if your partner, parent, child orthe best surprise christmas parents other person close to you has asked you for a specific phone for their

Christmas present it really is a wonderful and generous gift, a smartphone isn’t necessarily a good thing to choose on someone else’s behalf. Here are some of the reasons why a smartphone as a surprise Christmas gift is not such a good option:

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the best surprise christmas parents
the best surprise christmas parents


Most people have an opinion on whether they want iOS, Android, or even a Windows phone, and may not be comfortable or happy using an alternative. If the person you are buying for is already into using one of the main operating systems for mobile, like iOS or Android, then being given a phone that uses something different not only means perhaps being forced to use something they don’t think is cool (Apple fans and Android fans tend to be very fixed on their preferences and dislike the other option), but also means they will have to get completely different apps for those they are used to using, the best surprise Christmas parents and some of their favorite games or apps may not even exist for their new phone. the best surprise Christmas parents,

The new phone you choose may well have a higher spec, a better camera, and a better screen, but if it doesn’t have the OS and apps they are used to, the best surprise christmas parents , they still may be a bit disappointed to feel they have to use it. People also have other preferences, like screen size, and even color, and if you don’t know what they are, you are tying them into a phone that wasn’t quite what they wanted for a couple of years.


While the smartphone itself is a personal choice, the network your loved one wants to use may also be something they put a lot of research into choosing. Perhaps they are with their network provider because they offer the tariff that suits their usage best, or give the best signal where they live or work. Some models of phone are exclusively available on certain tariffs, too. While if the phone you get them is locked into a different network to the one they want to the best surprise Christmas parents use they can use an unlocking service like Unlocking Smart to enable them to access their preferred one, this may not be how you imagined them spending Christmas Day after opening your gift!

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the best surprise christmas parents
the best surprise christmas parents


If you think a smartphone is what they really want, the best surprise Christmas parents,then talk to them about it and make sure you get something that is right. It may not be as much of a surprise, but they will be much happier with the gift they get. Alternatively, don’t buy a smartphone as a gift and go for something where personal preference is less important, or, if you really want to go down the smartphone surprise route, choose the very newest model in the line they currently use.

Smartphones are very much a matter of taste and personal needs, so surprising someone with one you chose yourself may not always work out as well as you hoped.


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